We know how awful it is when you live in a well-furnished rented apartment and suddenly the pests or vermin attacks take place. Rodents may gain access to your property due to structural defects!

Termites, fungi, mould, and wood rot carry toxic germs and pathogens. Chances of infections are there if adequate measures are not taken on time. Pest surveillance is necessary as per the terms of your rental agreement. Tenants should bear the cost of fumigation if they are staying there for several months and cannot arrange an option. You can contact pest control in Brisbane to vacate a rental property.

True, the landlords must protect their investment property. Pest control clauses for new homes or rental agreements help treat persistent pest issues. Evaluation of your premises is a must at pre purchase inspection in Brisbane.

At the end of a lease, this is a compulsory step that one must follow. Pest inspection Brisbane has the trained eye for visual examination!

What We Cover

  • Current status of infestation
  • Future risk factors
  • Comprehensive examination
  • Risk assessment

Common residential pests

Pest management is essential. If DIY measures fail, search for the ‘pest control near meteam because skill is the most important requirement for lasting pest treatment.

5 Common Residential Pests

  • termite
  • mice
  • bed bugs
  • spiders
  • flea

Signs of Pest Infestation:

Normally, landlords are accountable for evaluating the infestation status at the beginning of the tenancy and the end of every lease period. Below are the signs of pest infestation in your residence:

  • You may notice bugs on the windowsills.
  • Perform pest management in the interval of one or two weeks.
  • Buzzing can be heard at night.
  • Dropping in the kitchen is a sign.
  • You can hear noises at night.
  • Scratches on rubber, wood, scattered garbage, and plastic items are some of the clues of pest infestation.
  • Carcasses and disposed wings in holes are natural.
  • Holes, digging, and scattered garbage are common signs.
  • Getting teeth marks on items is natural.
  • You may get rashes and allergies due to pest bites.
  • Pest management becomes essential when you spot their discarded wings and corpses.
  • Hiring pest specialists could be the best solution.

Important Tips For Pest Control:

Tenants must opt for end-of-lease pest treatment when they have pets living with them.

  • Eco-friendly pesticides are less harmful.
  • We educate you regarding tormenter management.
  • All furniture should be removed, the rented property must be vacant and the carpet needs to be cleaned.
  • Maintain cleanliness.

Pre Purchase Pest Control

According to the Residential Tenancies Act, a landlord must ensure the rental property is neat enough to stay at the beginning of the tenancy.

A rental property must be fit for living. It is the job of a landlord to set up annual pest control for ants, fleas, spiders, rodents, wasps, cockroaches, bugs, and termites unless it is mentioned in the agreement.

In case a tenant is actively responsible for causing a pest infestation in their leased property, they must be liable to pay the end-of-lease pest control fee. Because there are chances that you may carry bed bugs with your luggage once you return from a tour. Infestation of rodent or flea attacks may take place due to an unclean environment.

If as a tenant, you are responsible for pest surveillance, contact experts for a free quote. Our team

  • seeks comprehensive feedback or testimonials on the infestation status.
  • puts in a sufficient amount of gel, spray, and baits.
  • offers treatment at a reasonable rate.

Pest Control at Rented Property:

You can apply some DIY remedies to keep your rented property free from occasional pest invasions. For instance,

  • keep your property dry and well-maintained.
  • Apply hardwire mesh and gnaw-resistant materials to seal the gaps and holes.
  • Do cover the kitchen containers when not in use.
  • Contact us as soon as possible because licensed pest controllers like us offer a guaranteed service at an affordable rate!


By carrying germs and pathogens, pests damage your property. Pests invasion, if unchecked, can cause a nuisance. DIY processes and poor-quality chemical pesticides do not provide the best solution for pest removal. You must contact pre-purchase inspection Brisbane for the best result.