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Why Frequent Professional Pest Control Is Important?

Pests are a problem all too often. They are a nuisance, and they can also cause health problems and lots of destruction, costing your business money. If you don’t invest in professional local pest control Brisbane, you’ll be wasting money on the destruction that these pests leave behind. This blog will look at the importance of professional pest control.

1. “Do-it-yourself” Techniques Aren’t Always Doing Sufficient

Many do-it-yourself remedies seem to be effective, but they simply address the surface of the problem. Most store-bought and homemade therapies can only deal with what is visible on the skin’s surface. Most of the time, the cause of your infection is difficult to locate.

It is critical to search online for “pest control near me” when you see signs of an infestation in your house. There is pest control Brisbane Northside specialists who have been specially trained to identify and eliminate infestations at their source. They know exactly what to look for and how to get rid of them permanently.

2. Pests Pose Real Health Threats

According to public health professionals, three extremely essential factors contribute to our modern, clean standard of living: high-quality immunizations and drugs, significantly better sanitation, and top-notch pest management. Pests that are all too frequent in the home, such as mice, ticks, and mosquitoes, have the potential to spread deadly illnesses.

Hantavirus is a virus that may be transmitted from mice and rats to humans and cause death. Infection with Lyme disease, which has flu-like symptoms, is transmitted by ticks. When it comes to disease transmission, mosquitoes may transmit various viruses, ranging from the Zika virus to the West Nile Virus.

It is hard to tell whether a pest is carrying a disease, which is why it is recommended to hire the best pest control Brisbane company.

3. Damage to Property and Belongings

Many pests that infiltrate your house do this because they have located a food supply that they can feed upon. Termites and tiny carpenter ants can destroy your home’s structural integrity, among other wood-boring insects.

They can conceal themselves behind walls, causing significant harm before anybody is even aware that they are there.

Like carpet beetles or silverfish, several insects are drawn to natural fibres. As a result, they like feeding on your possessions. Some of the things in danger of damage are couches, clothes, blankets, and towels, to name a few.

The pest control Brisbane south experts are trained to assess the environment in and around your house to keep pests in check that you may not even be aware of being in the area.

4. Keep Food Safe and Healthy

It is vital to maintain pest control in domestic and business settings, particularly when it comes to food.

Cockroaches are common scrap-eating pests in the food service sector, and businesses in this sector must deal with them regularly. Household pests such as odorous house ants and Indian meal moths may make a feast of your favourite treats by infiltrating your pantry and consuming them.

Many pests, like aphids, might interfere with the healthy development of fruits and vegetables in your garden, which is even more concerning. Many of the pests listed above are disease carriers or, at the absolute least, will infect your food if they allowed to live in it.

Contacting a pest treatment Brisbane company in your area is the most convenient way to ensure that your food is secure from bugs.

5. Financial Protection

If you have a problem with pests, you’ll have to pay for repairs and pest treatment yourself. Unfortunately, your homeowner’s insurance policy will not protect you in this circumstance since it does not cover or pay compensation for repairs or damage caused by pests.

The insurance provider sees pest infestations and the resulting damage as a maintenance issue that is your duty as a homeowner.

As a result, your budget may take a major hit since you’ll have to pay for these repairs out of your own cash due to the infestation.

Having regular pest checks will help avoid this. They not only get rid of pesky pests, but they also help guard your budget against the higher expenditures that may result from pest infestations. To find such a company, just search online for “24 hours pest control near me”.

A Holistic Approach To Pest Control

Pests create trouble. It is crucial to control unwanted pests humanely. Pests like rats, mice, bugs, cockroaches, termites annoy us. When we are not mindful enough to manage them, our homes become infested.

Pests breed and multiply rapidly. As per the view of Pest Control Brisbane Northside, one must balance contemplative and pragmatic approaches for managing problems. You may apply do-it-yourself products like peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus oil, scented candles, lemon, cinnamon, orange smell, flowers, garlic.

What should be your approach to dealing with pests?

Our approach to pest eradication depends on how we see and define them. Remember that these pests are part of the earth’s ecosystem. It would help if you sensibly dealt with them. If you fail, you can google best pest control near me, and you will receive multiple contacts pop up on your screen.

What is Pest?

As per pest control Brisbane baysidethe term ‘pest’ is derived from ‘pestilence’, which carries the idea of carrying illnesses. Before you think of extermination, know that pests maintain the balance of natural order in our ecosystem.

Even our Scriptures talk of all animals and creatures with compassion, and we must see them as kindred spirits. Every life is sacred and has an important role to play in the creation’s living matrix.

Instead of killing beneficial creatures like honey bees, you can use an insect catching trap to drive them away from your home and release them into nature.

According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, you can use red chilli powder, dried peppermint, paprika, or pour a line of cream of tartar to stop ants from entering your house. Regular washing of kitchen cabinets, floors, and countertops with vinegar and water solution, or planting mints are also helpful.

There is more than one reason:

Local pest control Brisbane wants you to choose them. They

▪ Maintain industry standards.

▪ If you google 24 hours of pest control near me, you will know that they assure you of the complete eradication of pests from your kitchen, bedrooms, and washroom.

▪ For ticks removal, we use an eco-friendly spray made with orange, lemon, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, rose geranium essential oil, etc.

▪ You can opt for same-day services or take an appointment as per your timing.

▪ We opt for a thorough inspection of places with pest infestation.

Brisbane pest control services use things like rats repellers or battery-powered mice to scare rats away.

▪ And You will be guide  on how to perform pest management and deliver material safety handouts.

▪ Try to follow professional tips like removing all traces of dirt or maintaining your kitchen garbage free.

▪ The skilled service providers never apply more residual spray, gel, and baits than what is required.

However, the control measures we take have gone through several forms of up-gradation over the years. For example, the traditional model of rodent control was bait, stink, flies, repeat! whereas the new one is history, signs, symptoms, diagnosis, exclusion, treatment, and cure. Sounds holistic, right!

Key Takeaways

  • Not all insects cause harm to all crops and vegetables you grow. Mostly they attack imperfectly grown or unsuitable varieties of crops. Sometimes, insects and fungi help point out improperly nourished plants and thus play an important role in farming and agriculture.
  • Humans cannot take everything into their own hands and destroy other species and things indiscriminately. We must try to behave and act responsibly and preserve earth’s beauty in retrospect.
  • Using chemical pesticides and insecticides is unscientific and harmful enough for humans, animals, and nature.
  • Remember, that signs of pests in your home remind you to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. If you are unaware of the right measure, hire professionals for the same. To consult a team at a budgeted rate, just search for affordable pest control near meWhether you confess or not,hiringprofessionals has some added benefits.

DIY Methods Or Professional Pest Control Company- Which One Should You Prefer?

Eradicating pests by DIY procedures is quite problematic. There are chances of their coming back time and again if not removed thoroughly.

We know you apply do-it-yourself products like tea tree, eucalyptus oil, peppermint, lemon, cinnamon, scented candles, flowers, garlic, orange smell, etc but they are less likely to be beneficial.

It is no more difficult to hire a professional pest control company in this internet era. Just google ‘local exterminators near me, and you will get several contacts pop up on your screen.

Pest Control Brisbane northside has the most useful treatment to help you eradicate a pest infestation effectively from your home. You should never postpone consulting professional help since the more you delay, it will become tougher to check their growth.

How to spot Pests?

If there is an infestation, you will find discarded wings or dead bodies around your home or area. The issues of a pest infestation may take place at both of your commercial or residential establishments. Some pests live on human or animal blood. Pest control Brisbane demolishes the main breeding sites.

While searching for local pest control near me, you will know that they try for a permanent solution to drive the pests away. We use eco-friendly pesticides to stop wasps, termites, bed bugs from breeding forever.

Consequences Of Termite Bites :

Termite is a major problem in Brisbane. Google 24 hours pest control near me as soon as you find signs of termite infestation for they can lead to negative repercussions on your health. Termites transport pathogens and other toxic bacteria when they bite a human body. Termite bites may cause allergic reactions like fatigue, rash, swelling, and mild itching. Always seek a doctor’s advice if symptoms appear after pest bites. Any negligence may give rise to issues like meningitis, nerve damage, and arthritis.

The significance of employing a professional pest control service company :

The specialists have all-important skills and adequate expertise to exterminate pests from your dwellings or workplaces. They assess all nooks and crannies of your property and inspect the pest breeding sites. At a reasonable cost, you can get a permanent impact.

Often people are unaware that products like sweet flag juice dispensers are useful for pest management. Another eco-safe pest control method used by experts in the solar light trap. This product is way cheaper than others.

Do you use chemicals sold in your local market for DIY processes? Well, remember that it has the potential to destroy natural soil fertility. Fruits and veggies grown with toxic chemicals are harmful to human health. It may give rise to numerous diseases.

A led bulb is used in the trap with the solar panel. It helps grab insects towards the stand. The panel drops them into the organic insect powder pool.

If you reside near Brisbane, browse pest treatment near me.

Pest control Brisbane never uses one pesticide for long and replaces it often. The method is quite feasible than other indiscriminate techniques of pest management. More so, it is cheap and time-saving than other traditional methods.

For the gel-baiting method, the pest bait gel is poured in cracks, and hinges below the sink, inside electrical appliances and the wardrobe, under the gas cylinder, etc., Besides a super-attractant lure, we use an insect tracking trap which is overpowering to pests and traps them easily. No residual odour is observed. The method is also harmless, and non-toxic.

There is more than one reason pest control Brisbane northside wants you to choose them. They

  • follow industry standards.
  • We assure you of the complete removal of pests from your kitchen, bedrooms, and washroom.
  • You can go for same-day services or take an appointment as per your timing.
  • We opt for an in-depth assessment of places with pest infestation.
  • We guide you regarding pest management and deliver material safety handouts.
  • Try to abide by the professional tips like keeping any trace of dirt or maintaining your kitchen garbage free.
  • The skilled service providers never apply the more residual spray, gel, and baits than what is needed.

Protect Your Car Wiring From Rats Squirrel And Other Rodents

During the colder months of the year in Brisbane, rodents seek out safe havens to keep warm and avoid being hunted down by a variety of predators. Your car’s engine seems to be one of their preferred hiding locations. Is it possible that you have attempted to start your automobile after putting it away for a few days only to discover that there is a problem with it below the hood? The damaged, frayed, or broken wires found by your technicians are symptomatic of one thing: rats have made their home in your automobile. They are looking for a place to rest. This problems requires the attention of a residential pest control service.

However, why do rats gnaw the cables in your car’s electrical system? Do you know what you can do to help prevent these pests from inflicting costly damage to your home or business? How about if your automobile has been harmed by rats chewing the car wires? Learn more about how to safeguard your automotive wiring from the jaws of furry critters by hiring Brisbane pest control services.

Why do rodents chew car wiring?

There are a few urban legends concerning why rats are so drawn to automobile wiring. Have you ever heard that rats gnaw on automobile wiring because it tastes delicious to them? If you have, you are not alone. One widespread misunderstanding is that the coating on your car’s electrical wire is formed of some type of organic stuff that rats like eating. This is not true. Rodents, according to some, are drawn to the automobile because of an electromagnetic signal created by the vehicle. This, too, is a fallacy.

The true explanation for all gnawing may be traced back to rodent biology. However, the fact is that rodent teeth never stop growing, and they must constantly chew to prevent their teeth from becoming excessively long or sharp.

Rodents are drawn to the cables in your car’s engine compartment because it is a secure, quiet, and warm spot for them to hide. It is also a handy location for them to nest and trim their teeth. As a result, the engine cables are some of the simpler things for them to get their jaws around, and they are often the first things that they gnaw on. They may also look like the stems of plants that rats would munch on if they have forced to live outside. However, this is a situation that requires the help and google for best pest control near me.

What types of rodents chew car wiring?

For an idea of what sorts of rodents are responsible for the gnawing, consider whether rats are tiny enough to get inside the engine compartment of your car or truck. Critters that are particularly troublesome include:

  • Animals such as mice are small and can readily fit through narrow openings.
  • When it comes to rats, while they are somewhat bigger than mice, they are voracious chewers that may inflict significant damage in a short period. Their presence is one of the most typical causes of a recurrence.
  • Although squirrels seem too large to get into your vehicle and begin eating car wiring, they are really relatively little. Most of their heft is made up of fur, and they are pretty small underneath all of that fluff!
  • To keep warm throughout the winter months, chipmunks are always on the lookout for a safe haven.
  • Although it is rare, bigger creatures like groundhogs, opossums (not rodents), and woodchucks may make their way inside your engine and establish a home there.

When the temperature begins to drop, these critters may be eager to take up home in your engine, so keep an eye out for mouse droppings, an unpleasant odour, or indications of food in the engine compartment. The majority of the day is spent concealing, although, in rare instances, you may be able to detect a rodent. You could also hear scraping or scuttling noises from beneath your hood if your car is running hot. When this happens, do well to contact a pest control Brisbane south.

How much damage can a rodent do to your wiring?

Mechanics may have difficulty repairing damage caused by rodents chewing through cables with ease. Because they may sneak into hard-to-reach regions of your engine and gnaw on wires that are difficult to find, this is why it’s essential to keep your engine clean.

Mechanics can’t repair your car if they can’t discover the issue wiring. The nesting materials and food that rats bring into your engine might also cause issues, as can the trash they leave behind. It is possible that materials such as paper, cardboard, and leaf litter might catch fire when the engine compartment heats up. Browse for rat treatment near me get help from professionals.

How to stop rodents chewing car wires?

When squirrels and rats get into your automobile, you’ll want to know how to stop them. Rats can get beneath the hood of a vehicle you drive every day. Still, they prefer automobiles that sit in one spot for an extended time more often. This implies that if you have cars that are seldom used. They are likely to be the first option for a rodent.

Moving these vehicles more regularly will assist in deterring rats from becoming used to them. Parking in a garage rather than on the street is preferable. If you must park in a garage, make sure to keep an eye out for any access places for rats. And seal them up if you discover any. This list of possible entrance points:

  • Thresholds
  • The tops of door frames
  • smashed windows
  • Entry points for utility lines into the pipe network
  • Dryer vent pipes and hoses

If your automobile parked in a garage, having rat traps put up may also be  beneficial. Look for a 24 hours pest control near me specialist to do so. As a last precaution, ensure that your vehicle is free of any enticing food (such as pet food).

Why Should You Hire a Trusted and Professional Pest Control Service Company in Brisbane?

It is quite difficult to eradicate pests by DIY procedures. Remember that if not eliminated thoroughly, they can come repetitively. Often people apply do-it-yourself products like eucalyptus oil, tea tree, lemon, cinnamon, peppermint, garlic, scented candles, flowers, orange smell, etc., but they are less likely to be fruitful.

You might be thinking there is much hassle to hire a professional pest control company. Well, it is no more difficult in this internet era when you can get everything at your fingertips. Just google ‘local exterminators near me, and you will get several contacts pop up on your screen.

Commercial pest control Brisbane has the most resourceful treatment to help you eliminate a pest infestation from your home effectively. You should never postpone consulting professional help since the more you delay, and it will become tougher to check their growth.

How to spot Pests?

It is normal to find discarded or broken wings around your home or area. The problems of a pest infestation may occur at both of your residential or commercial establishments. Some pests live on animal or human blood. Brisbane’s affordable termite pest control brisbane has the most effective solutions to demolish their main breeding sites.

The termite pest control Brisbane tries for a durable solution to drive away from the termite species. The pesticides used are eco-friendly and help to stop termites from breeding forever.

Uncontrollable pests like Termites and professional help

Termite is a major problem in Brisbane. Hire termite treatment Brisbane as soon as you find signs of termite infestation, for they can lead to negative repercussions on your health. Termites transfer harmful bacteria and other pathogens when they bite a human body. Termite bites may cause allergic reactions like rash, fatigue, mild itching, and swelling. Don’t delay seeking a doctor’s advice in such cases, or else tick bites may give rise to nerve damage, arthritis, and meningitis.

The importance of choosing a professional pest control service company over DIY :

The professional guys from pest control companies have the adequate expertise and necessary skills to eradicate termites from your dwellings or workplaces. They examine all nooks and corners of your property and detect the termite breeding sites. However, they try to give a lasting impact at a reasonable cost.

Most of us are unaware that products like sweet flag juice dispensers are beneficial for pest management. Another eco-friendly pest control procedure used by professionals is the solar light trap. This item is comparatively cheaper than others.

The chemical pesticides sold in your local market and utilized for DIY processes may destroy natural soil fertility. Veggies and fruits grown with toxic chemicals are detrimental to human health. They may give rise to several diseases.

Professionals use a led bulb in the trap with the solar panel. The panel grabs insects towards the stand and drops them into the pool of organic insect powder.

If you reside near Brisbane, browse for exterminators near Brisbane. 

The pest control Brisbane south does not use one pesticide for long and replaces it frequently. The procedure is quite attainable than other indiscriminate procedures of pest management. Also, it is inexpensive and time-saving than other conventional methods.

For the gel-baiting method, the pest bait gel is poured in cracks and hinges below the sink, inside electrical appliances and the wardrobe, and under the gas cylinder, etc. Sometimes, they also use an insect tracking trap, with a super-attractant lure that is overpowering to pests and traps them easily. You don’t get any residual odour. The process is also non-toxic, eco-safe, and harmless to pets and people.

The pest control Brisbane south gives you numerous reasons to choose them. They

▪ Maintain industry standards.

▪ Ensure total removal of pests from your bedrooms, kitchen, and washroom.

▪ You can opt for same-day services or fix appointments as per your convenient time.

▪ They go for an in-depth assessment of places with a termite infestation.

▪ Educate you regarding pest management and distribute material safety handouts.

▪ Professionals advise you not to keep any trace of dirt or garbage in your kitchen and clean the bins regularly.

▪ Trained service providers apply an adequate proportion of residual spray, gel, and baits.

How To Discourage Rats And Mice From Entering Your Office/Commercial Space In Brisbane?

Mice and rats can enter your workspace and disrupt the ambience and hygiene of your workspace, wreak havoc to the building, and sometimes even damage your business reputation.

If you are working in the food industry, then these rats and mice can contaminate the foods and can be a carrier of many diseases as well. Even in the case of the hospitality or tourism industry, rats and mice can create a bad image for hotels and resorts. So, you ought to be more careful about rodents in your office, as if they are left unchecked, your office could become their nesting ground.

Rodents are known carriers of many diseases. Therefore, you should be extra cautious about keeping your workplace safe from mice and rats. Their presence can result in the staff and colleagues getting sick.

Among the many ways to keep rodents out of your offices, the most reliable method is contacting pest control services. If your office space is in Brisbane or nearby areas, you can get Brisbane pest control services for immediate and effective results.

Problems caused by rodents in a workplace

Some ways in which mice and rats can cause problems in your office are.

Make You Sick:

Mice and other rodents can carry many ectoparasites in their saliva and many germs and viruses in their feces and urine that make the people present in the workspace sick. So, if you are located near Brisbane, you can get commercial rat control Brisbane to keep everyone safe.

Make Your Offices Unhygienic:

These pests carry a lot of germs and dirt. It can negatively affect the presentability and beauty of any working space, as everyone likes to work in a clean and tidy environment.  Commercial pest control Brisbane can help you deal with them and build a safer environment.

Disrupt The Ambiance of Your Office:

Your workplace is where you spend plenty of time in a day. To get your work done and be productive throughout the day, you need to concentrate, which can be difficult with rodents running around the place. So when you see these tiny trouble-makers in your workspace, immediately Google ‘pest inspection near me‘ and take your first step to build a functioning workspace free from disturbing pests.

How To Prevent Mice and Rodents From Entering Your Offices?

Some practical ways to prevent rodent infestation in your workspace are –

Seal All Possible Entry Points

There must be some entryway through which mice can get access inside your office. You would need to find that entry point at first and seal it up. You can contact pest control Brisbane south to get professional help. After sealing the entry points, the experts can also help trap and remove the existing rodents in your office.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Among the most effective ways to curb rodent infestation in the office is keeping it perfectly clean at all times. You also need to dispose of your garbage properly, as if you let unnecessary garbage and dirt accumulate in one place, it can attract all sorts of rodents. Rats and mice generally enter office spaces to look for food and warmth. If they are cut off at the source by keeping your surroundings properly clean, then you can see a quick change in your situation. But it is best to contact pest control services if it gets too hard to control mice or rat infestation at your office. You can make a quick internet search for the best ‘24 hour pest control near me’ to find out the best companies for pest control, anytime during the day.

Contact Pest Control

Sometimes, even after all the preventive measures, you cannot control pest infestation in your workspace. Professional help can get you excellent results. Their work experience, precision, and state-of-the-art tools can produce long-term results. Therefore, Googling ‘best rat treatment near me’ is the best bet when no DIY thing works.

Ecoguard Pest Control is one of the most holistic commercial pest control services in all of Brisbane, which has been successfully eliminating rat and mice infestation in commercial premises. You can contact these wonderful folks, and they will immediately alleviate your woes.

Final Thoughts

Pests can be a threat to your office environment, which is why it is necessary to prevent them from entering. Rats and mice are harbingers of diseases and property destruction, and hence, taking the help of a professional pest control service like Ecoguard will ensure complete safety.

Six Most Dangerous Residential And Commercial Pests Of Australia


Have you ever faced this situation – when a guest arrived at your house and got caught in a spider web? or while serving, a cockroach comes out from nowhere through a ketchup bottle?? or even a worse scenario?

Now comes the end of all your battles against these tiny pests through searching for pest control near me.

These pests diminish the aesthetics of your surrounding and your personal health. To get rid of these pests, one can either call or book these services online through browsing residential pest control services near me.

These pest comes in various sizes and shapes and prefers to live in habitats that are barely visible through naked eyes. Pest will become a barrier between you and your customers and will prevent your business to flourish. However, it is impossible to get rid of them. One can always alleviate the rate of their survival through searching commercial pest control near me. You will be astounded through various services offered when you google pest control companies near me:

  1. Bees 

Consuming honey has its benefits, but the continuous humming of a bee can make one lose patience.

When a bee stings you, it will cause a painful sensation leading to itching and redness on your skin. Some people suffer from nausea, fever, headaches and many more ailments. 26% of Australians are hospitalized due to bee stings. So to bring down the number of bees, do not believe in whatever the internet offers you. Rather, you can search for “bee removal near me” and contact them.

  1. Spider 

The main reason behind falling sick is the presence of harmful pests in your surrounding—one is spiders.

The size of a spider varies depending on the type of species. It has poisonous glands. Thus infects you through its bites or droppings or when it crawls over your unexposed food.19% of people in Australia have been hospitalized due to spider bites. So in order to protect from the venomous effect of spiders, look for an exterminator near me, which will identify the type of species and will help you get rid of it.

  1. Bed bugs

After a happy weekend spent with your friends, what welcomed you at home? – an oval-shaped creature, 5 – 6 mm in length? With six tiny legs? And with a putrid odour with its every move? – Bed bugs it is! Eradication of these creatures is a difficult task as these creatures rest during the day and suck blood at night.

People who get pricked by bed bugs share symptoms like red spots on their body and bears anaemia. So to avoid these creepy insects, locally available pesticides are not enough! Therefore, get in touch with the nearest pest control by googling bed bugs pest control near me.

  1. Rats 

Have you ever wondered what makes that squeaky noise at night? Has your path crossed with pest with bulged eyes, pointed ears, and a long tail? – Rats!

Rats prefer to live in filthy areas, so numerous bacteria stick into their hair. And when rats enter your place, it comes in contact with everything in their path. Hence it is necessary to erase their existence by contacting rodent control near me. Rat bites can be fatal and may cause deadly diseases like hantavirus and plague. To get rid of it, search the rat exterminator near me.

  1. Ants 

Ants move in and around your surrounding in search of food for their survival. Ants have a strong sense of smell. Based on the species of ant, it may either contaminate food or destroy furniture you cherished. For complete eradication of ants from your environment, contact pest control companies near me.

  1. Flies 

Are you familiar with the buzzing noise of flies when you want to relax? The presence of flies is an indication of unhygienic surroundings and acts as a vector. Its body is contaminated. So when it lands on your body or exposed food, it transfers the bacteria it carries into you, thus making you sick. So for a long-lasting effect for the fly-free zone, look up for pest control near me.


The internet provides you with various solutions to fight this pest. Locally numerous firms guarantee you the best pesticide services. But never trust what you listen to, trust what you have been watching for many years. Therefore, browse pest control near me and get rid of all the pest-related problems.

Australian Ants and Unknown Dangers You Should Know About

Our mother nature is full of mysteries, and life evolved on this planet in a more mysterious way. Science could solve a few puzzles, but a few are still unsolved. Among this wide variety of life and creation, we are still searching for answers. An apparently harmless creature can unimaginably baffle us. Today we will try to address one of such questions- how dangerous ants can be?

In this blog, we will try to focus on ants, not white ants. We will also focus on the necessity of pest control services when it comes to ants specifically. Well, white ants are nothing but termites. If you are suffering from termite issues, then it’s better to opt for termite treatment.

You can always google for ‘residential pest control Brisbane’ or commercial pest control Brisbane’ if you are from the Brisbane area or need a Brisbane based pest control company.

Ants and Dangers we face:

The honest answer to your question is hidden in the area you live in. Do you know there are 12000 species of ants on earth? Yeah, it’s true. And whether the ants are dangerous or not depends on the species that live in your area. There are a few entirely harmless species. A few are highly poisonous. A few notorious kinds are capable enough to spread contaminations and dangerous bacterias. Let’s see a few species that live in Brisbane and Aussie houses:

  • Carpenter ant: They can damage your wooden furniture.
  • Fire ant: Their stings are painful and create a burning sensation.
  • Argentine ant: One of the world’s worst invaders, these ants are highly perilous for plants.
  • Meat ant: These ants play a significant role in our ecosystem.
  • Blackhouse ant: These ants are kitchen scavengers and can spread diseases like salmonella.
  • Electric ant: Their sting is so painful that it’s compared to electric shock. Thus the name. They are also known for devouring tortoise hatchlings.
  • Jack jumper ant: They are Australia’s native ant and a very venomous one. Their sting can cause any allergies.
  • Pharaoh ant: They usually do not bite or, better to stay, do not sting, but can damage foods.

Apart from the kinds mentioned above, there are a lot more available ant species in Australia. The species vary from area to area. A few particular species love living in coastal zones, whereas others can be forest dwellers or residential ants. You need to search for the pest control company depending on the area you live in; for example, look for pest control Brisbane bayside or Pest Control Archerfield if you are from these areas. Otherwise, searching for ‘pest control near me’ can also give you the desired result.

Why exactly do you need professional pest control services?

There is no doubt that carpenter ants are as harmful as termites. But others are not that innocent either. We need to remember one thing that ants have a precise nature; without knowing them, we can not eradicate them at all. First of all, they create nests and colonies. They are team workers so killing the ones you can see is not actually the solution. You need professional pest control because they can identify the queen. And without killing the queen, the ant problem can not be solved completely. If the colony remains intact, then the problem will be persistent.

Ant pest control Brisbane:

These are the reasons why our DIYs do not work when it comes to ants and eradicating them. Ants are very predatory, cunning and invasive in nature. So bait always works great in keeping them at bay. In Ants pest control, we identify the species first then try our best to run enough inspection to locate the colony. One single colony can spread several branches. And a few branches can actually wreak havoc in a whole area. We take special measures in commercial areas.

Our primary focus is uprooting a whole ant colony without disrupting the eco-balance of that area or nature as a whole. We use organic and harmless products. Our main mission is to shield ourselves, not removing ants from the biodiversity scenario. Respecting mother nature is always our priority.

Ant And Termites: Two Nightmares That You Need to Get Rid of Right Away


Ants and termites are both nasty critters that create havoc all around you. They are a total mess to deal with, so it would be best to google “Best Termite Barrier near me” for treating termite issues and “ ” for ants issues. They have the professional expertise to deal with them efficiently.

What Are the Signs Of Pest Infestation?

Some of the signs of pest infestation are:

  1. If you notice the frass and sting of ants, it could confirm the infestation of ants.
  2. If you have food spilled all over your pantry, it would indicate the pest infestation, be it ants or termites.
  3. If you notice some of these pests with the white of your eyes, it would confirm the infestation.
  4. There would be a constant humming sound like bees coming from the wall.
  5. When it comes to termites, a number of discarded wings would be lying all around the floor.
  6. All the objects that termites infest emit a hollow sound when they are tapped.

Why Is A Professional Pest Control Company An Ideal Choice For All?

Hiring a professional pest control company is an ideal choice for all because:

  • They deploy the most feasible solution to eradicate all the pests from your place,
  • They trace all the nooks and corners of the house that is otherwise difficult to reach.
  • They use the latest tools and technologies to eliminate all the pests at once and ensure no reoccurrence.
  • They use dangerous chemicals that need to be handled carefully.
  • Our DIY does not guarantee a permanent cure to these bugging pests, but the pest control companies give you a hundred percent guaranteed result.

So, if you have pests bugging you, all you need to do is browse “termite treatment near me” for termites and “White ants inspection near me” for ants. They can help you get the best solution to your problem.

What Challenges One Has To Face While Dealing With Ants And Termites?

Some of the most common problems are:

  1. Termites can bite human beings if they are disturbed, and that bite sometimes can be life-threatening.
  2. Since ants are primarily found in filthy areas, they carry a lot of germs and bacteria with them. They contaminate all the objects while moving along a path.
  3. These pests can even contaminate the food and make it inedible. Upon consumption, it may lead to serious diseases like diarrhea, malaria, and other serious problems.
  4. These critters move around the garbage and spill the litter all around the house.
  5. These pests can also destroy the house’s furniture by gnawing on them like wooden objects, curtains, sofa covers, and others.

If you have ants and termites residing at your place, you can contact either best termite treatment, Brisbane, for termites and White ants treatment north side, or White ants treatment Southside for ants.


Dealing with pests can be troublesome, especially when you do not have a fair idea of the same. In such cases, deploying our DIY will not be helpful. Contacting Ecoguard or other pest control companies can prove to be beneficial because they can eliminate all the pests from your place at once.

Why Is Early Detection Really Necessary When It Comes to Termite Infestation?

The size of termites may vary from one-eighth of an inch to one inch long. They can be white, black, and brown, depending on their age and type. Termites have both wings and antennae.

They mostly feed on dead plant material like wood, soil, leaf litter, or animal dung. Termites communicate through mechanical, chemical, and pheromonal cues.

Termites are hard to be eradicated by DIY methods, for they come repetitively if not eliminated thoroughly.Termite Control Brisbane has the most innovative solution to help you rid of tick infestation effectively. You should never delay hiring professional help to check their growth. 

Characteristic Features Of Termites

Termites have four wings, and they are also easily broken. It is natural to find the broken or discarded wings around your area or home where you notice a termite swarm.

Soldiers and workers live for approximately one to two years. On the other hand, under optimal climate conditions, queen termites may survive for over a decade.

Termite infestation problems can occur at both of your commercial or residential establishments. Termites stick to your pet’s body. Usually, they stay near green places. The nasty critters live on human and animal blood.  Termite control near me has the most innovative solutions to destroy their major breeding sites. 

Termite protection Brisbane attempts a durable solution and renders you some necessary advice to eliminate the tick species. Our termite pesticides are eco-friendly, and they will stop ticks breeding forever.

Effects Of Termite Bites

One must not delay hiring professionals as soon as they find signs of termite infestation, for they can cause negative repercussions on your health. They transfer pathogens and harmful bacteria when they bite a human body. Termite bites can cause allergic reactions like fatigue, rash, swell, and mild itching. One must seek a doctor’s advice; otherwise, tick bites may lead to arthritis, nerve damage, and meningitis. 

Why Should You Hire Professional Help?

The professional pest control technicians have the adequate skills and expertise to eliminate termites or ticks from the clients’ residences or business areas. We inspect all nooks and crannies of your property and spot their breeding spots. We solve your issue at an affordable cost.

Information on Termites Control

Often you find a heap of wooden dust under furniture and overlook them. Termites are wood-eating insects who build nests in furniture items. Gradually they form colonies. The soft-bodied, white-colored termites are 1 cm in length. Termite solution Brisbane uses the best eco-friendly procedures to eradicate termites from your place. 

As soon as you find mud tunnels, discarded wings, humming, and hollow sounds, call termite control companies near meThey execute the best elimination methods for termites’ control.

Ticks and termites cause various health hazards to humankind animal species. They damage wooden furniture, and teak bites can cause rashes and nerve issues. Nobody should delay calling professional help like flea control near me for an effective solution of ticks and termites removal. 

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