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Anyone who has heard the term bed bug can get concerned, let alone someone who has personally dealt with a bed insect infestation. All establishments with many people, including hotels, hostels, dorms, pubs, and inns, can have bed bugs. In the home, they are typically found in bedrooms and occasionally the living room, but people can also transport them on their clothing, chairs, or baggage.

Local Bed Bug Control Company Brisbane

Notorious bedbug pests are notorious for causing stress, disrupting households, and making sleeping difficult. Still, before you throw out your bed, you should know you have treatment alternatives. People typically attacks by one of two varieties of bed bugs:

Common bed bug

The Cimex lectularius, sometimes known as the common bed bug, is well-known in Australia and will eat people and animals with equal enthusiasm.

Colorado bed bug

Bed bugs are nocturnal parasitic pests that found worldwide including Colorado. Lighter colored bed bug nymphs are smaller than adults and are nearly invisible unless they had a meal.

Tropical bed bug

Caribbean bed bugs The medical entomology division has only recently recognized this species, also known as the Cimex hemipterous.

Bed Bugs Problems In Brisbane

Bed bugs were previously a widespread issue, but by the middle of the 20th century, infestations were declining due to improved cleanliness and chemical treatments. The frequency of infestations in Australia has increased since roughly 1999. However, recently this trend has started to turn around.

Adult bed bugs are ovular-shaped, wingless insects around 5 mm long when fully grown. Initially appearing rusty brown, these insects eventually turn a deeper shade of red after ingesting a blood meal. In addition, there are young bed bugs, which have a length of 1 to 4 mm and a paler color.

Bed bug juveniles develop in five stages known as nymphs, and each nymphal step necessitates a blood meal to molt to the following stage. At 23°C, adult bed bugs may survive for around six months at the average room temperature, and they can stay considerably longer at lower temperatures.

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Spot The Signs Of Bed Bugs Infestation Brisbane

Bed bug sightings: As your first indication of an infestation, you might not see the nasty animals because they can hide in gaps and crevices.

Bites on your body: You’ll notice itchy bites on your body, which is arguably the most obvious indicator of a bed bug infestation. Additionally, you might see blood stains on your sheets, which are a sign that they’ve been eating.

Feces in the cracks of your bed/mattress – Poop in your mattress or bed’s crevices – When you look for bed bugs, you’ll notice their excrement deposits in the areas where they’ve been hiding.

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Why Choose Eco Guard Pest Control?

We have been Brisbane’s top choice for homeowners and property managers for several years. This is why:

Bed bug management- We have managed bed bug treatment and bed insect management for over twenty years, so you can be sure we’ve seen it all. We can solve your bed bug problem and end your pest control issues thanks to our various treatment alternatives.

Treatment Options- Bed bugs can enter your house in various ways, so we provide a selection of treatments to ensure the issue is resolved. To prevent their re-emergence, we employ different bed bug extermination treatments.

We have individualized Treatment Plans- Since every home is unique, we always adopt a customized treatment plan to guarantee you receive the best bed bug treatment and service. We tailor a solution to fit you since, in the end, we want you to receive value for your money and be satisfied with the outcome.

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Damage Caused By Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations can seriously affect your health and disrupt your sleep if not treated. Bed bugs are widely recognized for their propensity to bite at night. You might be at risk from the following if you have an infestation in your house:

Furniture damage- When bed bugs bite, they may leave minute blood traces and blood spots on your furniture, linens, and bedding. Bed damage and furniture damage can also result. Additionally, they leave feces deposits that can damage your décor and discolor your furnishings.

Health dangers- Due to the aesthetic chemical in their bite, bed bug bites are typically not painful at first. But it will take several hours for the edges to be felt. The bites might itch for two to six weeks after being received.

Sleeping habits- Knowing that critters are hiding in your bed and ready to bite you while you’re sleeping makes getting a good night’s rest impossible. So be sure to take care of the bed insect eradication issue immediately.

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