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Rats and other rodents are among the most common pests in Australian houses. Since they have a bad reputation for spreading disease and creating issues, you should take immediate action to eradicate them. If you feel you have rat or rodent control problems, you must call us right away. Rats and mice are notorious for creating difficulties and contaminating houses with urine and feces.

Local Rats Control Company Brisbane

The presence of rats and mice, commonly referred to as rodents, in and around buildings and residences is very unwanted since they can harm property and contaminate and destroy food. In addition, they can infect people with sickness when there is a rodent infestation. Rats and mice are typically discovered beneath furniture, subfloors, and garden wall cavities. There are three prevalent kinds of rodents found in Australia.


Norway rat

Other names for this rodent include brown rat, sewage rat, and wharf rat. They are significantly more significant than a typical roof rat and have a stocky build. They dig burrows and possess tiny, closely spaced ones. Their scaly, semi-naked tail is shorter than their head and body. They have coarse, brownish fur.


Roof rats

Roof rats are often called black or ship rats. These rats have long tails that are longer than their head and body.

House Mice

House mice are tiny, thin mice with slightly pointed noses. They have huge ears and protruding eyes.

Affected by Rats Infestation Brisbane?

In Brisbane, rodents can be among the most devastating pests. Rats gladly chew through plastic water pipes, hoses, electrical cables, and walls and create holes. They could spread illnesses that could have a severe negative impact on human health. Rats can be a persistent annoyance in Brisbane homes at any time of year. After floods or hefty rains and the beginning of the colder season, the number of people inside dwellings might rise sharply. To stop the reproductive cycle, you must acquire rodent control and treat your property as soon as you see evidence of a rat infestation, such as droppings or noises in your home. Rats have a high reproductive rate and can reproduce at just 3 to 4 months old, with an average litter size of 5-8 young. Rat populations can soar if food is plentiful since female rats produce up to three litters yearly.

It is readily apparent that you may have an infestation issue if you encounter a rodent.

  • Urine and droppings: Finding urine and urine streaks indicates a rodent management problem.
  • Rodent nests: Rats will dig burrows, so if you discover one, you probably have a rodent problem.
  • Sounds: You might hear rodents squeaking or making other noises at night.
  • Rub marks: Places, where rodents have been running will show dark, greasy spots.

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Why Eco Guard As Your First Choice for Rat removal in Brisbane ?

  • We live here in your locality: For over a decade, we have assisted Brisbane consumers in getting rid of rats from their houses throughout the north side of Brisbane.
  • Experts: We can advise on any additional needs, such as handyperson services or rat removal solutions, and we have specialised rats extermination and management procedures.
  • We’re Licensed & Insured: We are fully licenced and insured, so you know you work with a reputable business.
  • Warranty: Each treatment comes with a guarantee certificate for your peace of mind.
  • Safety: An accredited applicator applies the most recent insect control products to our inspections.
  • Whole of Australia: Over 200,000 homes have been treated with our ground-breaking products.

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Health issues by Rats

All rodent control issues must be handled quickly to reduce dangers to human health and property since rats and other rodents can cause significant problems if not addressed.

  • Property Damage: Rats may chew and nibble on things and even eat through lead and aluminium sheeting, causing property damage. By gnawing through electrical wire, they can short out appliances and lighting fixtures, which can compromise the structural stability of your house.
  • Health Risks: Rodents are significant reservoirs for tularemia, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis. Direct contact with a rat through a bite, careless handling of a dead rat, and consuming food or drink contaminated with feces, urine, saliva, or hair can all result in contamination.
  • Food Spoilage: By touching food, rodents can contaminate it and degrade it.
  • Appliance Damage: Rats can damage and short out your equipment because they can chew through wires. Keep an eye out for damaged electrical cords connected to your appliances, especially in the kitchen.

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