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  • Termite Control 92% 92%
  • Flies Extermination 91% 91%
  • Spider Control 92% 92%
  • Cockroach Control 95% 95%
  • Rodent Removal 94% 94%
  • Ant control 91% 91%
  • Bee Removal 91% 91%
  • Bed Bug Control 93% 93%

12+ Years of Pest Management Experience

Regain control of your house right now by setting up a consultation with our knowledgeable staff; a pest-free home is only a click away!

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We provide foolproof pest inspection, west eradication and overall pest management services. Our pest control services cover these


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All of our pest control experts are veterans in this profession and they know how to fuse experience, modern technology and eco-friendly approaches. Our testimonials are a reflection of our expertise in this field.

Skilled & Experienced Team

We have a qualified pest control team with vast experience, knowledge, and skills for dealing with all sorts of pests.

Effective and Eco-friendly Solutions

The procedures are eco-friendly with safe and effective products for pest control.

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You can depend on our trusted services, both for residential and commercial pest control.

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Our success lies in always putting customers before everything else. Their satisfaction is our motivation

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Our transparency and efficiency are the reasons why our clients choose us for pest control services.

For Your Home

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    Customised Plans

    Every resident and the severity of pest infestation is different. You can choose our tailored pest control service as per your needs

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    Preventive Maintenance

    We provide all kinds of routine pest-free home maintenance and pest inspection services to keep the pests at bay.

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    Expert Knowledge

    Our experts have years of field-based knowledge in handling different kinds of pests. So you can trust our effective service.

For Your Business

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    Industry-Specific Expertise

    For commercial pests, you can go for customized packages based on the kind and severity of the pest issue.

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    Compliance and Safety

    We have all needed licences and compliances required for working on a commercial property. We follow all the safety rules as well.

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    Customized Maintenance Plans

    Our tailored pest control maintenance for commercial sites offers lasting protection, helping companies guard against pest-related financial losses.

EcoGuard Pest Control Services

EcoGuard Pest Control provides sophisticated pest control solutions to residents and businesses. To provide a healthy atmosphere for our consumers, we provide the following pest control services.

Call Us For A Pest Control Services

If you live in an apartment or own a home, we recommend that you employ frequent pest control treatments every quarter or every 2 to 3 months. It also aids in the prevention of common pests if you are relocating to a new location. For more serious infestations, however, monthly pest management for 3 to 6 months is recommended.

In addition, in the early spring, our pest control professionals can efficiently aid you with your pest problems. We ensure that no nests or colonies are harmed by spraying in the spring. The therapy has less work to perform during this period, making it more effective and long-lasting. You will receive your money’s worth when you work with us.

Pest Control Inspection

Regular visits by a pest control expert involve looking for changes or indicators of pest activity, inspecting traps, and putting preventive measures in place to limit the number of pests. Pest control specialists may evaluate your house and surroundings seeking new pest risks with periodic evaluation, even if there are no visible activities. Furthermore, regular visits assist in keeping pest control expenditures down.

We recommend quarterly pest control treatments for residential structures to discourage common pests effectively. However, the suggested frequency may fluctuate owing to various factors such as location, infestation type, property condition, risk factors, etc.


Pest Control Solutions

The affordability of our services is one of many reasons why we have a healthy retaining relationship with most of our clients. We assess the pest damages and gravity, then provide a reasonable pest control package that covers all the major issues clients are facing.

Neglecting pest problems can endanger property and health. Pests are invaders who move in stealthily. Early detection and prevention requires regular pest inspections. Here is a selection of our effective pest control services to protect your home and life.

Starting From $199 AUD

Annual Pest - Spray/Control/ Insecpection

  • Household Pest Control
  • Removing Nest and Residues
  • Pest Protection Measures
Starting From $199 AUD

General Pest Control

  • Through Pest Checkups
  • Inspecting Probable Places
  • Providing Needed Measures
Starting From $199 AUD

Residential Pest Protection

  • Sealing Cracks
  • Routine Pest Control
  • Removing Pest Invasion Possibilities
Starting From $199 AUD

Commercial Pest Control

  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Removing Nest and Residues
  • Pest Protection Measures
Starting From $199 AUD

Rat Pest Inspection

  • Through Checking of the site
  • Taking Pest Control Measures if needed
  • Removing Future Possibilities
Starting From $199 AUD

Others Pest Protection

  • Detecting Problematic Areas
  • Gauging Future Pest Issues
  • Routine Pest Control


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you treat any specific pests?

We provide pest control treatments for different kinds of bugs such as ants, termites, rodents, bees, rats, bedbugs cockroaches, etc.

Are these pest management techniques safe for my kids, family, and pets?

Yes, we employ safe and non-hazardous pest control products that are not harmful to your family or pets.

Will I be needing pest control once a year?

The frequency of pest control depends on the kind of pest that invades your property and overall property management. But it is safe to go for pest control inspection once a year.

Does your company guarantee its pest control service?

We remain committed to our ability to deliver quality results. You can rest assured as we provide warranties on some of our treatments.

What is the procedure for obtaining an appointment for pest control service?

You may make an appointment request via our online contact form, or, for that matter, simply call, and our dedicated team will book you in on a date of your choosing.

Do you have skilled employees?

Absolutely. The pest control technicians that we have are well equipped, certified, and have considerable experience when it comes to various kinds of pests.

What should I do before a pest control program?

Just before undergoing the treatment, put away foodstuff, wrap up utensils, and leave the place for a certain period. Pre-treatment guidelines are provided in great detail to guarantee security and accuracy.

Do you have commercial pest control services?

Yes, we offer pest control both for homes and businesses. We assist companies in maintaining a pest-free territory.


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