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Professional Pest Control Protection During the COVID-19

In the face of the coronavirus health emergency that is shaking much of the world and that has forced the adoption of quarantine measures, it is necessary to simplify what disinfection and hygiene measures should be implemented in areas to add extra protection against Coronavirus.

As it is a new virus, we still have a lot to know. It only remains for us to follow rigorous hygiene practices and attend all the indications that come from Health and other official sources, which are responsible for dictating protocols in these cases.

This practice, along with compliance with quarantines, helps reduce the spread of infections effectively. But, we will see the result as the days go by. Meanwhile, we must take into account specific hygiene measures to reduce the risks of infection.

Home and Office Disinfection During Quarantine:

From Eco Guard Pest Control Brisbane, we place particular weight on the preventive disinfection of residential and offices. It is crucial to consider reducing the spread of this novel virus. Disinfection, together with very well cleaning, creates an excellent protective fence against any source of infection.

The execution of teleworking methods in these COVID days because of the well-being emergency can be a complete occasion to thoroughly disinfect the offices. Since environmental disinfection treatments require a safety period of at least 3 hours to be met, the facilities they have to be free of people.

Professional disinfectant products used in pest control service have quite little residual value. Its effect is very short-lived, so it is necessary to carry out a continuous disinfection program to reduce the risk of infection.

The Importance of Pest Control in Times Of COVID-19:

While humans are quarantining many parts of the world to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a change in urban ecology is taking place.

The decrease in the presence of people on public roads and the lack of urban garbage is causing rodents to appear on the streets in broad daylight in search of new sources of food. This is how new cases of rodent activity are being reported every day around the world.

From Eco Guard Pest Control Brisbane, as a company specialized in pest control and environmental hygiene, we continue to provide service to our clients. Also, we ensure the hygiene of their facilities through the implementation of safety protocols and the use of the necessary protection elements to carry out the general services and special disinfection services against Coronavirus.

What Is the Risk to My Business?

Pests can thrive and create a hazard in all vacant buildings as they create perfect habitats, and while pests are often considered a nuisance, several can carry disease and pose serious health risks. In addition to fever, infestations can cause significant and costly damage to equipment, materials, and reputation, as well as increase cleanup costs to solve hygiene problems resulting from shedding and defecation by pests.

During this blackout period, when companies pause operations or significantly reduce access, it is critical to make sure our customers are protected so that they can go live when normal activities resume.

Household Cleaning and Disinfection Measures:

With quarantine and isolation measures, homes become the center of daily activity.

In these cases, the recommendation is to follow the usual hygiene measures. If there is a person with the disease at home, these measures should be taken to prevent direct contagion to other people or contact contaminated surfaces.

– When there are people sick with Coronavirus at home, Health recommends that both the clothes of the affected person and the bedding that they have used be deposited in an exclusive bucket, isolated from the rest.

– The presence of people with Coronavirus in an environment such as the home should lead to greater cleaning and disinfection of common surfaces, especially the contact surfaces of bathrooms, knobs, taps, towel rack, mirrors, etc., where it is recommended to apply bleach-based solutions. It is also important that they have exclusive dishes.

– When they generate inside temperatures higher than 60o, most of the electrical appliances do not need special cleaning. As with all surfaces that can be contacted, you must wipe with a cloth dampened with a dilution of hydroalcoholic bleach or gel.

– Computers, mobile phones, and other portable and tactile electronic devices are often a source of accumulation of pathogens that cause diseases. In these cases, it is recommended to clean them daily using a damp rag soaked in a hydroalcoholic solution, especially if they are removed from their normal environment.

It is important to keep an eye on which surfaces these appliances will rest on to minimize they are coming into contact with contaminated surfaces.

– Regarding the shower heads or the sink taps. The recommendation is to remove its filters, dip them in a bleached solution sometimes, rinse it with clean water, and reinstall them.

Why Do Pest Control During COVID-19?

– Maintenance of hygiene standards in public and private centers.

– Conservation of inventories, warehouses, and infrastructures.

– Protection of spaces for the population at risk.

– Minimization of the risk of contamination of the food production chain.

– Prevention of occupational hazards.

Summary – Our Expert Recommendation:

We know as experts that it is time to do exhaustive pest control, considering that winter is here, and rodents will seek new sources of food and shelter with more intensity.

We are at your disposal in these delicate circumstances, delivering our pest control services with the standards of excellence that only a world-class company could offer.

From Eco Guard Pest Control Brisbane, as experts in environmental hygiene, we have been conducting an information campaign on Covid-19 from the moment it appeared, with all the latest information on the matter.

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