Springtime in Australia calls for hot days and cold nights. It is a time when the Canberra blooms to life, the sea harbours glisten, the sun shines on the Opera House, the surf roll onto the umpteen number of stunning beaches, and many parts of the country are transformed by wildflower blooms. It is a time of school holidays too. Ideally, it should be a time to relax, give your busy mind some respite from the hectic mental and physical time tables. It should be a time when you let loose and enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. However, the picture changes completely when you have some unwanted intruders at your home or office space. These intruders are pests. The warmer weather calls for a slew of new kinds of pests that infect the commercial and residential properties.

Different Types Of Pests Infestations :
Spiders: With the advent of the warm season, spiders become more and more active. These eight-legged freaks start to crop up everywhere. Some of them are extremely nasty like the infamous Red Back spider.
Bees: Bees are useful for making honey. However, the swarm of bees roaming around your children as they play in their tree houses is not a pleasant sight at all. During this time bees forage for pollen around plants in the garden. They become more active and swarm. They look for places to set up new hives. Their sting is extremely painful and can often lead to fatalities.

During the spring season, Termite Alates fly around on the warm humid nights. These little flying critters may not generally cause all the trouble themselves. It is their offspring that cause most of the damages when they find something solid to munch on. It can be easily concluded that they are one of the most destructive pests in all of Australia.

Birds are definitely charming creatures but if they decide that your roof space or somewhere else around your house or office is a perfect place to nest, then that is not a happy thing. They not only carry diseases but also cause a lot of dirt everywhere.

Bird Mites
Birds even carry tiny bird mites and in a single nest, there can be thousands of them. These bird mites feast on pets and even on human beings.

Other Insects
This time various kinds of other pests from cockroaches and mosquitoes to ants and ticks also appear. They not only create nuisance but also are disease carriers.

There are numerous ways how you can initially do pest controlling through some fundamental precautions.

Knowing the Enemy
Pest management can be difficult if you don’t know the exact species of your enemy. Some pests work around all year. But certain culprits become active specifically during the spring. Some pests even start their mating cycles during this season like rats. Termites begin their swarms. On top of that, after the winter thaw, there is an abundance of stagnant water causing mosquitos to thrive. As mentioned earlier ants begin searching for food and spiders emerge. Rising temperature means much traveling. That leads to the spread of the hitch-hiking pests like the bed bugs and ticks. Thus the most important factor is to identify the species of pest. It makes the process of fighting these infestations a lot easier.

Inspecting the Exterior
Harsh winters weather leads to a change in temperature and heavy winter storms cause major damages to the home as well as the office exteriors. The new cracks in your property are exploited by any pests looking for a cosy spot. Pests can enter your premises through damaged walls, chipped window panes, or broken slots underneath doors. Roof and terrace damage can also be entry points for them. It is important to perform yearly wear-and-tear maintenance.

Inspect Interiors
Spring cleaning helps to get rid of a lot of these sneaky intruders. Washing and cleaning of upholsteries, checking storage rooms, and attics and basements also help a lot. Silverfish and spiders are drawn by damp basements. Rodents rest in attics. A thorough cleaning is of much help.

Maintaining the Yard and Garden
The fall and winter always lead to potential pest hazards due to dead leaves, melted snow, debris, and mud. Thick overgrow or damp wood can lead to the best infestations. Stagnant water from gutters and puddles can lead to mosquito breeding. To avoid all of these, proper maintenance of the property is extremely important.

Monitoring Food & Wastes
Pests at this time of the year are on the lookout for the essentials like water, food, and shelter. To be mindful of how food is stored can keep these creatures at bay. Using air-tight containers and keeping all trash receptacles sealed help. Garbage dumpster or trash can shall be kept closed.

Importance Of Professional Pest Management
For persisting infestation, one must go for professional pest management companies. Some of these companies have extremely skilled men who have apt knowledge to get rid of these nuisances. Pest management companies these days are dedicated to giving you the best solutions in the most pocket-friendly and environmentally friendly ways that are highly sustainable.