The Australian mainland is rich in flora and fauna, which is unique to the island continent. The diverse array of insects, bugs, mammals, birds, and other native species are not found anywhere else in the world. The downside to having such a unique population of indigenous creatures is that the Australians are always concerned about the safety of their homes and properties from these invasive creatures. Searching online for pest control companies near me or pest control services near me might prove helpful at times but might not be a practical or long-lasting solution.

Why is pest control management extremely essential?

Pest control Brisbane bayside claims that though these nefarious creatures might not come across as life-threatening, they might be the vectors of some of the most common diseases. Pest control Brisbane north side goes a step further and testifies to the fact that each year the Australian inhabitants lose a majority of their revenue in doing damage control that has occurred due to the invasion of these house pests.

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A report suggests that the annual economic impact owing to expenditures on territorial estates amounted to around 70 million USD in 2013-14 while the pest management expenditures amounted to almost 139 million USD in the same year. Searching online about the best pest control near me will provide you valuable insight that the entire continent is susceptible to the invasion of pests. These obnoxious creatures need removing from a multitude of environments like a suburban, urban, industrial, and industrial settings as well as commercial.

What is a household pest according to the best pest control services near me?

A household pest refers to an insect, bug, animal or other common household vertebrates and invertebrates that potentially damage your residential properties. They might also endanger the inhabitants of the premises by spreading diseases and infections as they are often the host to various pathogenic organisms.

The best pest control services near me might intimate the presence of certain encouraging elements that motivate these obnoxious creatures to take up residence within your premises. These could be the presence of dark and dingy environments, foodstuffs, and the like because their primary aim is to feed, reproduce, and multiply within an environment that they consider safe for their habitat.

List of the eight most common yet notorious house pests of Australia

If you are steadfast in preventing your property from being the residence of these stubborn nastiest, you need to look for the best pest control company near me or hire our services. Calling the hotline to reach the best pest control near me might save you this time, but you need to update your knowledge base about these beasts to identify them in the future and always have a strategy in hand.

Without much ado, let us put forward the eight most common household pests of Australia for your reference.


If you are residing in Australia, it is highly probable that you have been at the receiving end of termite infestation and the subsequent nuisance caused by these creatures. Average annual destruction worth $10,000-$15,000 is sustained in 25% of Australian residences due to these vile creatures. Searching online for pest control Brisbane south side companies near me and procuring their services could be the best bet to protect your premises and wooden furniture from the destruction caused by termite colonies.

Mice and Rats:

Pest control Brisbane north side is of the notion that mice are the most destructive creatures found in all of Australia. Mice and rats generally nest in warm and dark places in and around your dwelling and multiply at a rapid rate. They can spread dangerous diseases, create significant amounts of damage to the insulation, cables, and even walls of your building, and contaminate food.


The Australian climate provides a perfect breeding ground, and the terrain provides suitable habitat to cockroaches, unarguably the most pervasive pests of the world. The cockroaches can spread a wide range of diseases to humans by infecting their food and tend to be drawn towards warm and damp spaces like washrooms and kitchens.


Pest control companies near me would be sought out if there is a wasp nest found in the wall cavities, lofts, under the floorboards, or trees around the dwelling. Wasp stings are excruciating and are lethal in certain unfortunate cases. They might cause damage to your garden and even disturb the inhabitants of the premises.

Textile pests:

Textile pests like Clothes Moths can be the cause of all your troubles as their larvae can cause considerable damage by feeding on clothes, carpets, and upholstery.

Bed bugs:

Consider getting expert services by searching the best pest control company near me, if you want to save yourself from the infestation of bed bugs. These insects rapidly multiply if they stay in your beds or cracks in your house and feed on human blood.


Ants cause tremendous nuisance by entering your house in search of food and forming huge colonies in and around your place. The bite from specific ant species is dangerous, and some even spread diseases.


Australia houses over 2000 species of spiders, including few of the most venomous ones, whose bites can kill if left untreated. They dwell in dark and damp spaces in and around your residence.

Taking help from efficient household pest management and eradication companies is the only solution if you come across these vile creatures.  If you have any query, feel free to contact us.