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Termite Control Brisbane

Looking for cost-effective and reliable termite control in Brisbane? We’re here for you. We’re Eco guard Pest Control, the number one termite control company, and we offer the best quality treatment for residential and commercial infrastructure. Termites are insects that don’t hesitate to damage your furniture. Therefore, don’t let your favorite woodwork be the next target.

Termites live in groups and form colonies. Once the colony forms a structure, it is further termed an infestation. Destruction starts soon, damaging the precious wood of your property. If left untreated, the decay can become significant, destroying doors, windows, furniture, beds, or wooden floor.

Signs of Infestation

Most people have no idea if there has been a termite infestation or not. If you are one of them, you should always seek help from our experts. Meanwhile, if you encounter hallow sound from a wood when tapped, mud tubes on exterior walls, or a swarm of winged insects from the soil. Be sure that your place is infested.

However, it can be worrisome to find expensive furniture getting damaged. Don’t think twice and seek termite control specialists immediately. Boarding the expert might further help save a ton. Termite is a big nuisance and should be treated well off.

About Us

Eco guard Pest Control includes professionals who have the desire to neutralize the growth of any termite nuisance. We have been offering the service for a very long time. Also, we have the right tools and techniques to deal with any issues that may force you to pay more in the future.