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Bird Mites Pest Control Brisbane

Birds often nest in the attics of your interior zone and in many other places of your house. The birds which nest in your zone make access for bird mites to infest in your house. To stay away from the bites of the bird mites, you should execute treatment from our pest specialists which would eliminate the present infestation.

A closer view of bird mites:

You have sufficient water source in the exterior part of your home which allows bird mites to make nests in your zone. Birds need water and food to survive which they get easily nearby your home. When birds nest in the exterior portion of your residence, then they bring bird mites along with them. The population of bird mites increases at a rapid speed. After the eggs are hatched by the bird mites, it takes a week to develop the eggs and mature in adults. Talking of the appearance of bird mites, these pests possess eight legs with tiny hair all over their bodies. These creepy crawlies are oval in shape. The size of the small pests is 1 mm in length. The color of these pests is semi-transparent. The color of the body of a bird mite changes from red to black after they feed on the blood of humans and birds. Generally, bird mites prefer blood of birds. In case bird mites do not get blood of birds, then the pests look for a human’s blood. Bird mites breed inside the nests of birds. If bird mites do not get their blood meal, then they die in the period of three weeks. These pests can creep into ceilings, walls and in various corners of a home. Do not let bird mites affect your health. Inform our well-trained bird mite control Brisbane pest guys to schedule a treatment plan at your place which will help you rid of from bird mites hassles.

Will the infestation of bird mites affect your health?

Bird mites do not pose health issues directly. There are some secondary negative effects of bird mites which take place in the form of infections. Upon getting deprived of blood from birds, these bird mites attack on human beings. As a result, the host might go through skin infection. The biting site might itch a lot resulting in severe skin allergies and other psychological problems.

How will you know bird mites are there in your house?

Read through the symptoms below to know about the existence of bird mites.

  • Intense itching sensation with red welts on the skin.
  • You will get a pinpricking sensation when bird mites bite you.
  • The bites of bird mites will be active at night.
  • You might also feel the insects are crawling on the skin.
  • The rashes which erupt due to bird mites might look like scabies.

How will you keep the pests away from you? Get your reply from our pest controllers when they will come at your place to use bird mites control services in your surrounding zones.

Species of bird mites that are highly active

Although there are numerous species of bird mites which become the reason of annoyance for homeowners and business owners, there are only two types of species of bird mites such as ornithonyssus bursa and starling mites which create nuisance in Australian homes and business zones. How do these bird mite species affect human beings? Do these two bird mite species look alike? What are their feeding habits? At the time of applying “bird mite treatment Brisbane” solutions, our pest control officers will update you about the two prominent species of bird mites.

Can I exclude bird mites by using my techniques?

Bird mites will be found in the birds’ nests which might be located in the exterior part of your home. You might not be able to trace the pests because of their small size. It might also happen that the infestation of bird mites have already spreaded across your house and might have reached your interior zone. Therefore, you should leave the treatment to our pest control experts. They know how to locate the breeding sites of bird mites and how to exterminate the pests by using our pest solutions. We have got enviro-friendly bird mite control Brisbane measures which will act efficiently on the pests and not on the environment. Our pesticides and treatments are scientifically tested and approved by the eminent green companies. We hire a team of pest control experts who are highly experienced and they have been successful in eliminating bird mites from our clients’ places.

Our process of eradication

At first, our pest exterminators will have a walk around your surrounding property to see the bird nest. Upon finding out the bird nest, then our pest control guys will check if there are any active or dead bird mites. Our pest guys will also find out the specie of bird mites that have invaded at your place. Once the specie is known to our pest guys, then they will make a report in which they will write about the status of infestation and what type of treatments are needed for exclusion of these creepy crawlies. Having glanced through the inspection survey report, our pest exterminators will start their job of extermination which includes the implementation of dust sprays, baits and gels. This bird mite treatment Brisbane solutions will be applied on the nests of birds, breeding sites of bird mites and on other probable invaded sites around your residence.

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