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Ant pest control Brisbane

Are ants not letting you leave a peaceful life? Are you exasperated of using local ant pesticides? Do not worry. The solution is with us. Get the apt and desired ant solutions from our pest control company now.

A short note on ants in Brisbane

One of the uncounted and neglected insects on earth is the ant. Owing to its tiny size, there are many people who often neglect the issue of ant infestation at their respective places. Do you know that the total weight of all human beings is equivalent to the weight of an ant? Ants build colonies and they tend to live in those colonies. Therefore, these insects are termed as social insects. The colonies of ants are very large. You can find millions of ants inside the colonies. The size of an ant can range from 1/8 to 1/4 inch. These insects have pinched waist along with double node near the waist. The sense of smell is very strong in ants. The color of ants varies from yellow, black, brown to red. Some ant species sting human beings. On the other side, there are some ant species which do not sting at all. Ants complete their life cycle in four stages such as eggs, larvae, pupae and the final stage is the adult. The colony of ants comprises of male ants, female ants and worker ants. The prime job of the male ants is to mate with the female ants. After making with the female ants, these male ants do not survive. The role of the female ants is to produce eggs. The role of worker ants is to take care of the larvae, collect food and extend the colony. Ants are capable of eating anything which means they can ingest on fruits, sweet-based items, grease, oil and other food items. To get a permanent riddance from ants, you should use our effective ants control services.

Health issues caused by ants

As it is known to all that ants do not create a structural damage to the house or pose threats to any commercial zones. Generally, ants are to be found in filthy areas. As a result, when ants visit at those dirty zones, the insects carry toxic germs on their tiny bodies. In search of food, when these insects crawl into your house, they deposit toxic germs all over those places and on objects where these insects move. Upon ingesting those bacteria-lathered food items, you can fall sick and you can catch serious infections. If you step on those ants or try to squish a few ants, then you may be stung by ants. Ants sting when they get threatened by humans. The stings can swell your skin and you will see rashes on the inflicted area of the skin.

Spot the signs of invasion of ants

If you happen to see an ant or a few ants inside or outside your residence, you should not neglect the sight of ants. The sight of an ant implies that there could be a large infestation around your place. You may see small piles of dirt or soil near the window or the door of your place. The frass of ants is another potential sign of ant infestation. Another strong sign is the stings of ants.

Ant species which intrude Australian homes

You might be seeing ants in your home. But, you may not be able to identify the species of ants which show up in your house regularly. In Australia, the ant species which show up at residences and in commercial zones are carpenter ants, sugar ants, white footed ants, black ants, Argentine ants, Singapore ants and fire ants. Each ant specie is a little different from other ant specie in terms of their appearance, feeding habits and nesting habits. Ask our expert “ants control Brisbane” pest guys who will tell you about the ant species in detail.

Is it safe to treat ant infestation on my own?

You may be successful in getting shot of a few ants from your place. It does not mean that the infestation of ants has been eliminated. The local pesticides will not be able to eliminate ants completely. After using over-the-counter ant pesticides from the local pest stores, you will find again ants inside your place. Your best bet is to give a ring to our pest professionals who will take the apt step in eliminating ant infestation from your location by using the most effective ants treatment Brisbane on the existing infested zones. Our pest guys know which pesticides will kill ants effectively. We use ants control services which are scientifically tested and will prove to be best in eliminating the infestation sites. With their expert service, you are sure to see a positive result at your place.

Our method of extermination

Our ants control Brisbane pest officers will walk all around your place to assess the property extensively. They will check every corner and item of your place to know the exact spots of infestation. After locating the invaded spots, our service guys will start using the treatment plans which consist of dusting the infested areas along with treating the infested spots with specialized ant baits. As we use enviro-friendly ant pesticides, you do not have to worry about the side effects caused by these pesticides. Our aim is to destruct the nests of ants and to make your place free from ant infestation.

How much it costs to have ant treatments at your place?

Why waste your hard-earned money on ant sprays and ant pesticides which you get in the local stores? Get our ants treatment Brisbane at your place to exclude the presence of ants from your place. You do not have to spend huge amount for eliminating ants. Our ant control solutions can be provided at affordable rates. Moreover, we offer free quotes when our customers click on our ant treatment plans. By using our affordable and enviro-friendly pesticides, we can assure you that ants will never get back at your place.

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