How Can We Keep Bugs at Bay While Awaiting Treatment?

The best and most effective strategy to consistently ward off pests in educational institutions is to:

  • Maintain a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Routinely remove trash
  • Ensure that the building is free from both internal and external leaks and moisture sources (s).

Do You Guarantee a Pest-Free School, Classrooms, And the Neighborhood?

Yes, we offer continuous treatments for both inside and outdoor areas of pest management. After we inspect the property and determine the extent of the pest problems, our free proposal will specify the frequency of the necessary Pest Management treatments.

For Our Employees and Students, Are Your Pest Management Methods Safe?

Yes, we carry out all of our processes under QLD Health’s rules and regulations, and our pest treatments adhere to their safety standards and requirements.

When Is the Most Suitable and Secure Period to Finish the Pest Management Procedures in Our School?

The most significant period for us to do our School Pest Management procedures is throughout the summer. For the control of external pests, we advise quarterly treatments; for the management of inside pests, we recommend biannual treatments.

Because commercial cleaners frequently visit campuses of schools, colleges, and universities daily, pest treatments are commonly cleaned. Thus, we advise more frequent interior pest treatments.

Do You Approach People Differently Outside of School Than You Do Inside?

Yes, but it’s more that we treat pests outside with different pest management solutions than we do inside. Due to varying species and safety concerns, we can target specific pests using various treatments.

Do You Offer Pest Management Services to All Sorts of Offices?

All offices, including commercial enterprises and governmental institutions, can benefit from our Pest Management services at Eco Guard Pest Management Brisbane. We know how crucial it is to maintain and keep your business premises free of pests and vermin. Thus, our team of experts will work carefully to ensure your office is absolutely pest free.


To meet your requirements, we provide a range of services, such as thorough inspections, preventative care, and emergency services. We also offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly service plans for year-round pest management. So, call us now if you’re seeking trustworthy Pest Management services for your company.

When You Come to Treat Pests in The Office, Do Employees Need to Be on Leave?

Employees do not need to be on leave when we visit your office to treat pests. It is better not to be on leave because they can assist with the treatment process. We will work around their schedule to minimize interference with their regular work.

How Much Do Property Pest Management Brisbane Services Cost?

The cost of Property Pest Management Brisbane services might vary based on the project’s size and scope. Usually, businesses bill by the hour, with rates ranging from $50 to $200 per hour. Greater businesses could also provide bulk discounts.


Additionally, some businesses demand a retainer charge, an upfront payment for specific hours or services. If no work is done, it is often refunded. Travel time, mileage, inspection, and material fees are additional expenses that might be levied.

What Is Pest Management Of Properties?

Property Pest Management Brisbane involves locating and eliminating pests that may be present on the property of your business. Cars, tractors, and other types of machinery are just a few examples of what they may be. Knowing how pests like termites function may help you avoid possible loss since pests like termites can do serious harm if not dealt with appropriately.

Is It Safe For My Family, Pets, And I To Use Chemical Pest Solutions?

Insects could be harmed or killed by chemicals. Chemicals include, but are not limited to, pesticides, weed killers, fungicides, anti-mould agents, and rodenticides for rat control. Insects, roaches, and flies are examples of family parasites.


People can purchase pesticides in nearby stores to use around their homes. Despite being widely available, pesticides still present a risk to homes. They might affect the surrounding area, clients’ homes, owners, and animals.


Hiring Pest Management experts to eliminate pests in your house or place of business is a good idea. Professionals in the Pest Management industry can safely use pesticides without endangering themselves, their families, their pets, or their health. However, we at Eco Guard Pest Management Brisbane prefer organic Pest Management.