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Termite Pre Construction Brisbane

Termite treatment before construction helps preserve a high intensity of moisture and dampness in the future. These days most of the infrastructure requires certification of pre-construction termite protection. Termite control includes several stages, kickstarting from spreading insecticide followed by inducing chemical barriers. Eco guard Pest Control includes professionals who offer swift pre-construction termite protection service for a strong and termite-free infrastructural development.

Specifications for Pre-construction

As termites grow in moisture, it is essential to consider the moisture level of soli before conducting anti-termite treatment. Our experts recommend checking the weather forecast while deciding the time of treatment. 24 hours of a water-free period is crucial once the earth has been treated with the anti-termite chemical. You can go for layering when the soil has thoroughly absorbed the chemical emulsion.

Our Process

At Eco guard Pest Control, we treat any issue of termite growth through the chemical solution. The procedure includes

  • Treatment of bottom and sides of excavation before the onset of foundation work
  • Dig holes and fill organic chemical where slabs will be built
  • Add chemicals in areas of intersections
  • Fill chemicals in pipe beddings
  • Use anti-termite solutions for wooden products

Also termed as the first line of security for your construction, we use high-quality, eco-friendly chemicals that form a biochemical barrier in the soil. This further denies access from all the sides of the build-up area to the building.

Why Us?

Team Eco guard Pest Control is one of the well-known pest control associations in Australia. We have been helping builders manage pest control for a very long time. Seek our assistance and get the best service.