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Termite Treatment Brisbane

The termite treatment process is very different from pest treatment and requires creating a chemical barrier to kill termites when they are mobile. Eco guard Pest Control uses the most advanced and sophisticated method of pest treatment to neutralize termite growth. We splash out termite colonies with DFS (Drill-Fill-Seal). We further treat the termite and equally protect the wooden furniture comprehensively.


The DFS is the most advanced way of treating termite issues. Our experts create a chemical barrier while they are on the move. Holes are drilled at a certain angle. Further, we fill the solution and seal the entire hole with chemicals, either chalk or white cement.

Upon completing the task, our staff provides a basic clean-up and inspects other areas to cut any termite infiltration risk.


Eco guard Pest Control eliminates any risk of termite infestation. The entire chemical that we use is highly efficient, safe and has no harmful effects. The solution that we apply solves the existing termite issue and protects your furniture from any further infestation.


You can also avail of timely checkups as a part of our service warranty. For availing more benefits, don’t forget to contact our experts.


Eco guard Pest Control is a leading pest control company based in Brisbane. We offer 100% safe and reliable service. Our staff helps your property get the best outlook by expelling any pest issue. We are fully licensed and ensure service at the most affordable price.