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Pest Control Wooloowin

The population of termite colonies ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of individuals. Since each colony is able to consume at least half a kilogram of wood each day, termites cause significant structural damage wherever they settle.The three main species are subterranean termites, dry wood termites and wet wood termites. They are classified according to their habitats and their main food sources. Although not all species that invade homes, termites in Wooloowin tend to be indoors because of cold weather. The termites pest control services are there now for you.

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The most common termite species in Canada are the yellow-legged termite (Reticulitermesflavipes), the crepuscular termite (Reticulitermes Hesperus), the narrow-necked termite (Zootermopsisangusticollis) and the termite Zootermopsisnevadensis.Underground species are responsible for most home damage, while wet wood termites attack wet and decaying wood. The presence of this termite species can usually signal a moisture problem. If you see its infestation, then the termites control service happens to be the best option now.

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Named after the Latin word for “wood worm”, termites have been around for over 100 million years. Despite their pest status, these insects play an important role in the ecosystem by recycling wood, facilitating the decomposition of organic matter, replenishing nutrients in the soil, and contributing to plant growth through aeration of the soil. However, termites cause significant damage to homes and other structures built by humans. You will need the best professional option for the same.

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Termite colonies consist of three main castes: workers, soldiers and breeders. There are slight differences between each caste and each termite species. In general, underground termites produce small workers about 6 mm, while wet wood termite workers measure about 20 mm. The castes of soldiers have developed mouth parts, and the breeders are characterized by their two pairs of nearly identical wings. Individuals in each caste have a three-part body and a pair of articulated antennas. The color of the insects varies from whitish brown to black.

Detecting the presence of termites in your home or place of work can be complicated, but the truth is that they leave small signals that will be very useful to take action on the matter and have the help of experts in pest control.Having an adequate treatment of the wood in order to end this plague is vital for its total extermination. In addition, requesting the help of a team of professionals in fumigation and pest control is vital to ensure that quality work is carried out and that it is not harmful to people. Professional pest Control Company put at your disposal a great team of experts that will make pest control in your home or workplace a simple and safe task. Contact them and request more information.

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