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Pest Control The Gap

Don’t be Afraid Fight Back Mice as a Pro in the Gap

Pest Control The Gap

In The Gap, there are many types of mice. You will rarely see many of them at home, in your own homes. However, there are four types of mice that creep into our houses and cellars again and again as pests. In addition to the field mouse, these are the house mouse, the wood mouse and the yellow-necked mouse. With the help of rat pest control services inthe Gap you can fight all these rodents.

Diseases and great damage from mice

Mice not only transmit the diseases directly, for example through touch or bites, but also through their feces (excrement). The mice leave their excrements everywhere. Already the touch of the feces may be sufficient to transmit pathogens. Even more disgusting, however, is the idea that mice have sat on food (or even dropped off their feces) and we then consume these foods.Equally threatening is the fact that mice can also transmit diseases without even being ill themselves. So rat removal should be your main priority if you find them in your locality.

Mice infestation does not have to be

Mice are usually attracted to food, supplies and animal feed. For this reason, for rats controlyou can follow a few tips:
• Throw away expired supplies quickly and avoid larger stockpiles.
• Pack all food so that the mice cannot eat through the packaging.
• Food that comes in thin packaging such as paper or foil (for example, flour or pasta) should be transferred to airtight containers.

Most importantly quickly remove the waste from the house and lock up your garbage cans.

Fight Mice with the Help of Live Trap

If you spot a mouse running around your house, try to find where she went to hide. The mice are fast and usually the best way to catch them and get them out is not to run after them. Instead, you have to hunt down the mouse to catch it with a trap.Mice are attracted by food odors, so be careful to keep bins closed, inside and out. Use garbage cans with an airtight lid at home and in your garden. Many repellents for mice have a pleasant smell for humans, so do not hesitate to put all around your home. Put the repellent of your choice in cracks, crevices and empty spaces where mice tend to interfere.

Using a live trap, you can catch mice alive. This variant is particularly suitable for people who kill the unfortunate animals. Moreover, they do not have to dispose of the dead animal. A disadvantage is that every mouse caught has to be implemented. This can quickly become annoying and expensive. In the case of a live trap, you must also regularly check if an animal has been caught. Otherwise, the mouse can die of thirst, which is much more painful than being killed directly.

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