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According to the experienced seasoners, get rid of rats on the site is very difficult. They dig holes in beds and lawns, damage the root system of trees, bushes and other plants. The most effective way to fight is traps, which are installed in a molehill. You can put pieces of meat into rats, impregnated with poison, or fill carbide, fill it with water, poison gas will destroy pests. Now in Spring Hill if you wish to have the best options then you will be able to have the smartest options for the same from pest control services and that also within the budget.

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A more humane way is to catch a mole with the help of folk remedies and release it into the forest. As a trap, you can use a three-liter jar, digging it into a molehill. You can also use firecrackers (up to 350 rubles), cotton disorients the mole and forces you to climb out. To prevent the appearance of rats in the area, you can use special repellents (from 100 to 1000 rubles). The people’s way is a soapy solution. There comes the use of rats pest control services with the best deals.

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Dilute 200 ml of castor oil in 3-4 tablespoons of liquid soap, and then dissolve 30 ml of this mixture in 4 liters of water and pour the entire area, the treatment should be repeated two to three times per season.

The exterminator must have an honest and realistic discussion with the owner. Some rodent problems cannot be solved overnight. In fact, in some cases it can take weeks or months to get results.

This is especially true when there is an elusive rat. Most experienced exterminators have treated with such a rat at least once in their career. This situation can frustrate any veteran of the industry, although the situation can sometimes be very rewarding.

To increase your chances of succeeding and controlling most infestations, find as much information as possible on the subject. Armed with all this information, a professional exterminator will analyze the situation to determine the possible sources of the problem.

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Rats do not tolerate noise and vibration, so you can arrange homemade plastic windmills, dig in metal pipes with tin cans attached or install ultrasonic repellers (up to 3-4 thousand rubles). To the rats did not return, the expert advises to dig a site and screen it around the perimeter with metal sheets. Under the lawn, you can spread a special plastic mesh. Then the professionals can be of the best options now.

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