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Ants are the most common insects in the world. They can be found in all orchards and gardens: from Siberia to the tropics. Strictly speaking, it is somewhat premature to call them pests, but they do some damage to orchard-garden crops. In Shorncliffe if you face the complications in the areas of your house, then it is for sure that you will find the solutions with the ants pest control services now.

How To Determine That Ants Were Wound Up In The Garden And What Are The Solutions?

Calling the professional ants control service is the easiest way to determine the “invasion” of ants on anthills. However, it happens that the anthill is built somewhere in a remote place. In this case, pay attention to the ant trails: ants-getters are usually moved by chains. They store food or carry building materials for the nest. By the end of summer flying ants appear flying ants – they can “start” not only from the ground, but also from surrounding plants, less often – from trees.

The Features of the Ants and the Complications That They Eventually Create

Generally, each colony of ants comes from a single queen who spends her life laying eggs. There are also workers who do not reproduce and who perform various tasks: food supply , brood and queen care, construction of galleries, maintenance of the nest, defense of the anthill. The only function of males, whose presence inside the colony is observed only for short periods of time, is to fertilize the queens. Soon after mating, they die.

Mating usually takes place in flight. The queen’s abdomen contains a small spherical receptacle, called spermatheca, which receives the spermatozoa during copulation. The spermatheca produces nutrients that keep the seed alive for several years, allowing the queen to lay thousands of eggs without having new contacts with a new male.

Ants feed on plants, but more often – insects, so they are most often tied to plants affected by aphids or scab. They could be called savior of the garden, if not for one moment: as the plant, which is food for aphids, fades, the ants carry the pest to a new, more “promising” bush. Thus, they systematically harm, observing their benefits.A sweet bite for insects is also sweet berries and fruits, so it is not uncommon for cases where strawberry plots were eaten by one or two anthills.

Fight With the Ants With best Support Now for You

Insecticides are widely used for the destruction of ants, but keep in mind that many of them are designed to take home insects. However, if you do not want to damage the garden with chemistry, do it simply – hang around the perimeter of the feeder area to attract birds. Many singing birds of the middle band, as well as woodpeckers, feed on ants. For that taking the help of the pest control services is the best option that you can have. Apart from these pest control services you can also opt for the other pest control services that we have.

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