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Little red invaders, activating in the spring-summer period can become a real scourge. If you do not think about getting the ants out of the apartment, after seeing that the first individuals appeared near the sink, after a couple of months their paths will be literally everywhere from the crockery to the box with bed linen, and you will only wonder and guess where they come from are taken.They came to us through the ships of seafarers only in the 19th century. When you see these ants in Seven Hills now, then you can be sure that you will be getting the best support from the professional ants pest control services now.

The Beliefs and the Reality and the Balance in Between for You

Traditionally, it is believed that red ants are absolutely harmless, not that their white termite brethren. However, this opinion is erroneous, because they come into contact with sewage and carry infections. It is extremely unpleasant, when you find small pests in sugar bowl, on bread, fruits, it seems that for them there are no obstacles and obstacles. If you locate them in your garden then it is for sure that you will be needing the best options for the proper eradication and in that the ants control services can take a crucial part.

The features and the Perfection of the Perfect Ant Eradication

These small reddish craws more often in hard-to-reach places, for example, behind skirting boards, in cracked plaster, behind peeling tiles. However, if an ant track is discovered, it is not yet a fact that they have got you. Harmful insects are able to make long walks in search of food.
1. Disorient them
Ants follow each other by detecting a chemical trail. Destroy this track to disrupt them. Use soapy water to wipe all surfaces where they flow. In a spray bottle filled with water, add 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of dish detergent and spray this solution over the ants.
2. Stock them
Ants are very sensitive to caffeine and coffee grounds can disturb their sense of smell. Sprinkle around the anthill outdoors or leave near the point of entry to your home. It will take time, but the ants will consume the marc and die of a death that is supposed to be very agitated.
3. Wash them
This method is very effective, but sensitive heart refrain:

  • Dig a hole on the top of the anthill
  • Pour several gallons of boiling water directly into the hole. This will kill the majority of ants;
  • Do the same operation a few days later until the ants decide to move;

Get ready to sweep a lot of dead ants and feel like the villain in a horror movie.

The Kind of Information You Need to Wipe Them Off

Ants are divided into males, females and working insects. At the same time, the greatest danger is represented by females, which, in record time, will breed and increase the number of pests, and they should be dealt with first. It is not easy to destroy females, because they are not chosen from the nest. This is where you would need the professional helps.
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