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Smart and Effective Options for the Proper Ants Eradication in Sandgate

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Gardeners are used to fighting ants in suburban areas, reclaiming their flower beds, greenhouses, fruit trees, where garden ants plant aphids, eat up roots and foliage. There is a full-scale war over the territory with varying success of that and the other side. If a voracious family “on the ground” can somehow be reconciled, then discovering flying fellow in a holiday home, immediate action is required. Now in your garden in sandgate if you face these complications with the ants, then calling the ants pest control services are the best options there.

The Issues on the Summer Days Now And How You Will Address the Issues

At the beginning of summer on the street and, “oh, horror!” At home, flying ants appear. From this article you will learn about the means of combating them. Ants are considered the most common domestic insect pests. There are many of their varieties, from small and harmless to large and poisonous. Flying ants are not found all year round, but mostly in spring and summer. However, one ant that has flown into an apartment is hardly so dangerous. The professional ants control services are the best way outs there. Otherwise you can follow the natural tips.

Watch out for “Girl Scouts”

If at first you see a single ant or two, they are ants sent in recognition to know if your house is a good source of food.

  • Do not let these scouts return to the anthill.
  • After crushing them, clean your kitchen thoroughly with vinegar (smell they hate) paying particular attention to the area of garbage cans, under the refrigerator, under the stove and in the cupboards.

If there is nothing to report, the rest of the colony will continue.

Make them run away

If you have not seen the scouts, you can use some products to scare them away.

  • A mixture of peppermint oil and water that you spray on ants. They hate this smell. Lemon gives the same result.
  • Sprinkle a thin line of cayenne pepper, black pepper or talcum around areas of the house where ants are gathering or entering.

If you have children or pets, sprinkle with the artificial sweetener instead.

The Wrong Notions and the Right Addressing of the Ants Issues Now

Many believe that flying ants are termites. But these are not termites. From termites they differ in that they have a thoracic department, and termites do not. The body of flying ants is clearly divided into 3 parts: head, thoracic region and abdomen.

Reasons for the Arrival of the Ants Now And the Solutions for You

At the beginning of summer, flying games begin with flying ants. Males choose their female. They search for them on trees, roofs of houses and in chimneys. After mating, males die within 2-3 days, while the female gives life to a new colony of ants. That’s why flying ants and is found only in early summer. So in the summertime you will have to bring the expert ants treatment services for the proper ant eradication.
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