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Pest Control Mitchelton

Experience the Very Best Pest Control Services for Wood Ants in Mitchelton

Pest Control Mitchelton
You look around your house in Mitchelton and you see small pieces of wood or something similar to sawdust under window frames or in a place where a lot of wood is present. If you listen carefully, you hear something that sounds a bit like someone crumpling cellophane paper. There are many insects that affect wood such as woodworm and termites, but termites do not (yet) occur in the area. And let’s not forget the wood ant. For them, the ants pest control services are the best options in this case.

The Features of the Wood Ants and the Perfect Way to Eradicate Them Properly

Wood ants are a type of ant that can be found all over the world. They live in woody and humid environments and use the wood to build their nest. In contrast to termites, wood ants do not eat wood to stay alive. They gather moist and decaying wood to build tunnels and nests. The ants control services in here know every bit of these ants and also their roots and accordingly they use their tactics to eradicate them successfully.

Finding the Signs of the Woodants and Killing Them Off the Area

The most common indication of the presence of wood ants are mounds of sawdust. It is also possible that you can see ants’ feet or other parts of an ant’s body, because wood ants continue to work diligently even if they lose a leg or a piece of their body. Usually you notice them by finding very fine sawdust on the floor near a window, a closet or other wooden object. If you do, then it happens to be the time when you can contact the professional services for the task.A solution of chalk (1 tablespoon per bucket of water) is used to prevent the fall of the ovaries in the cherry and plum growing on acidic soils. Because of the lack of lime, the plants do not form a bone, so the ovary falls off. Two or three times with an interval of 10-12 days, you need to pour a lot of soil solution under the trees.

Powdered soil will become an obstacle to slugs. In the first half of the summer infusion berry bushes are sprayed against gooseberry fire and sawflies (100 grams per 10 liters of water, insist 2 days, strain, dilute in half with water and add 40 g of soap for every 10 liters). The same infusion protects the fruit trees from the caterpillars of the apple moth and leaf-eating caterpillars (to treat the trees 15-20 days after flowering), will help cabbage and root crops to get rid of aphids, bedbugs, thrips.

Getting Rid of the Wood Ants Without Much Problem

First of all, you must be sure that it is wood ants. Then you should try to find out where their nest is located. Look for ant trails and see where the ants go when they drag food to their nest. Wood ants are nocturnal, so you will have to do this job overnight. Better in that case that you look for a professional pest control service in this field.

We are also offering other pest control options as well other that this one for you.

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