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When it comes to the perfect stay in Holland Park then it is for sure that you will be able to have the solutions coming now from the affordable pest control services. When it is about the ants then you should know that all types of ants consist of three parts, namely the head, the thorax and the abdomen. They have three pairs of legs. How big the ants are and what color they have depends on the kind of ant. In your residence you will need the assistance of a professional service for the same.

Eradicating the Ant Colony is a Very Important Step That You Will Have to Take

Ants always live in a group. You never see an ant walk alone. They are social insects. A colony often consists of one, sometimes several queens, with a large group of workers and young males. The workers form the largest group within a colony. The workers are infertile daughters of the queen and have different tasks within the colony. Tasks of workers are to collect food, to build / maintain the ant nest, to take care of the young and to protect the nest. A colony can consist of millions of ants and is often located deep underground in the Netherlands.

Great Service that the Professional Pest Control Services Present to You

Most species of ants live underground and also make their ants’ nest there. To find food, they crawl up out of the nest. Some ants choose a tree trunk for their nest. Yet other ants build the nest under a stone. This stone is heated by the sun and offers protection from the rain. Each nest consists of different rooms. The companies dedicated to cleaning and pest control , use baits with insecticide in different formats such as liquid or powder, which the ants transport as food to the anthill, spreading the poison among the population that feed on the waste regurgitated by the collectors.

In the most used ant baits are used substances such as boric acid and borax, for its lower impact on human health.

You can make your baits by mixing flour and sugar, to which you must add boric acid or borax.
You can also create baits by grinding some feed for dog food, and add fipronil at a rate of 1%.
This will ensure that the carriers do not die immediately and get to the anthill, where propagate the poison to finally destroy the ants.

It is also very useful to pour boiling water into the anthill to end most of the colony and kill the queen.
A good option to eliminate the anthills in paved areas of house and garden is to apply in the entrance mouth of the nest, the steam outlet of your pressure cleaning machine.
Another way to end some colonies of ants, is to remove the anthills that appear between the cracks of the pavement, following the trail of the ants to their location, and sealing the exit with cement.
To protect your plants from the ants and your trees, place barriers in the trunk of each tree or bush to prevent them from climbing towards the top and destroying leaves, flowers and fruits.
There are bands of poly butane with adherent system, and bands containing chlorpyrifos that release toxic products slowly while being more durable, since the former fail to be effective in a short time to stick in their adherent part the dust and dirt

What is the Way Out When You Locate the Ant Nests Now?

The ant nest is very complex and consists of different rooms. These rooms all have their own function. In total, a nest consists of six different rooms. So there is the room for the queen. A number of ants collect lice. These lice stay in the guest room . Do you have a nest around your house and therefore suffer from ants in the house? Very annoying! To combat an ant nest, effective ant treatment service is required. To do this, call in a professional ant fighter. You can find one near you now.

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