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Rat Problem in Holland Park West? No More You Will Have to Go Through It

Pest Control Highgate Holland Park West
In the areas of Holland Park West now you may locate brown rats here and there. The body of the brown rat is 20 to 30 centimetres long, not counting the tail. The tail is always shorter than the body, about 15 to 25 centimetres. The brown rat is grey brown in colour, the coat on the belly has a lighter color. When you locate them in and around your residence then the rat pest control service happens to be the best.

Fast Reproduction Increases the Rat Infestation Problem All Over

Brown rats reproduce throughout the year. Brown rats are 3 weeks pregnant and shed 7-12 pups at a time. After 5 to 6 weeks the females are sexually mature. They like to live, but not exclusively, in the vicinity of people. You will find them along ditch sides, in basements, sewers, crawl spaces, hay lofts, barns, stables and storage facilities. They build their nest near their food sources. Brown rats are good swimmers and especially active at night. In the winter they migrate to the warmth of our homes. To combat with them, you will need the support of the professionals and the rat control services are perfect options for that.

The Dwelling Places of the Rats and the Complication that They Create

Black rats are good climbers and like to live in higher buildings. They do not make underground corridors. Black rats like to live in ships, harbors and warehouses. The Black rat is also called ship’s rat. Black rats are also active at night. Because of the fear of spreading of diseases there, it is better for you to opt for the rat pest control services in Holland Park West now.

Associating rats with dirt is not something that has happened to human beings just because. It’s simple, where do you usually have more rats? Where there is more dirt If you do not want them wherever you are, it’s time to clean up. And above all, do not forget to do it in the most hidden places, like under the furniture.
Another important point! If you are one of those who usually leave the garbage outside the house, make sure you do it in a closed container.
The sewers are usually the home of the rats par excellence, but always take advantage of any opportunity to climb to a warmer and probably with more tasty food. One route for this is usually the broken pipes that reach the buildings.
If you house or another place has a basement, pay special attention. Being in contact with the subsoil, the place par excellence of rats, it is quite used as a way of access to other homes.

Great Deals with the Perfect Eradication Options Regarding the Rats Now

Black rats are also omnivores, but do have a preference for plant foods, such as grains, nuts and fruits. Both rat species are rodents, with large incisors that grow continuously. They have to keep gnawing to keep their teeth short and sharp. Rats constantly gnaw at everything that is loose and stuck, but they do not always intend to eat it. This is why at the time of rat infestation you will find that the rat attacks are mainly made on the food storage areas. The professional services address these issues perfectly and within a very small amount of time.

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