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Most of the ants found in Australia are not aggressive, although some of them can sting. Their presence should be tolerated as much as possible, as they cause little damage to the garden. They can even be considered useful because they eat other insects, such as small silver fish and moths. In Australia, the species known to invade residences are the carpenter ant, the little black ant, the fragrant ant, the ravenous ant and the pharaoh ant. Sidewalk ants can become harmful by colonizing lawns, gardens, walkways, and even the interior of homes in Coorparoo. If you locate them, it is essential that you call a professional Ants control service.

The Variation of the Ants and the Harmful Ones Among Them

The carpenter ant is larger than the other species; however, the size of the workers varies. This ant can damage the structure of houses, because it destroys the wood to build its nest. Accumulation of wood particles may indicate the presence of carpenter ants. You should an eye on these ant colonies.

The Possible Options to Eradicate the Ants Along with the Ants Colonies

Ant colonies send out scouts to find food. They are attracted to many kinds of foods, but they prefer sweet and fatty foods like peanut butter and crumbs. They are also fond of “honeydew” produced by aphids on infested houseplants. The successful scout leaves behind an odor that allows other workers to trace the food source. This is the reason they infest all over the house. With the professional Ants pest control team you can actually address the issues perfectly now.

Things that Are Essential For Staying Out Of Reach of the Ants

You can repair and seal as many visible cracks as possible in the foundations and exterior walls of your home. But what you will really need is a professional pest control service. They flood the nests several times with a garden hose to encourage the ants to move away from your home. To find a solution to all these, the Eco Friendly Pest Control services are the best options.

In general, proper housekeeping, both indoors and outdoors, is the best way to prevent an ant infestation. It happens to be recommended to keep food scraps inside sealed containers, clean crumbs and spills quickly, and regularly sweep the floor. In addition, rinsing food containers before disposing of them can help eliminate food sources that can attract ants. In addition, it happens to be important to repair cracks in the walls and foundation, and to ensure that doors, windows, and other access points are properly sealed. If preventative measures use to fail and an infestation occurs, contact a pest management specialist.

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