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Most Effective Ways of Instant Bee Riddance

Bees undoubtedly look good in the garden and they also have a huge amount of positive ecological impact. However having a hive right in the backyard of your house might bring the risk of bee stings to your family, which obviously would not be a pleasant experience. So, this article is going to chalk out some best ways of getting rid of bees but obviously in the most humane ways possible.

Using Bee Sprays

These kinds of sprays target the bees’ nervous system and in the process help in their elimination. This causes them to become paralytic and eventually they die. The strong chemicals which harm these insects could also have adverse side effects on pets and human beings.

You have to position yourself at least 15 feet apart more or less from the hive and start spraying as these spray-on insecticides, which comes out in the shower and not stream, kill upon contact.

These chemicals magically work the moment they fall on the bee, paralyzing them immediately and they embrace death within a few minutes without pain.

The best time to apply these sprays is at night when there are most bees inside their hives. All you have to do is spray in one area, wearing protective equipment positively in order to avoid stings as they might be threatened by your presence and in return attack you. It is a noteworthy fact that these sprays are for outdoor or yard usage only.

Before doing it you need to ensure that there is proper ventilation for the prevention of any accidental inhalation of the aerosol. Wearing a good mask would also be important and keeping these sprays away from the kids and pets is to be maintained.

Usage of Powder Dust

The best way to get rid of a bee nest and all bees in it is by using an insecticidal powder. It is very similar to the sprays and has active ingredients that cause immediate paralysis, followed by death.

These insecticidal powders could be used in association with a duster for better application but the bottle that comes along with it could also be used.

Spray the Ball Inside the Hive or Nest

  • Filling up the powder duster or hand only halfway with the powder in order to allow it for having adequate airspace is important.
  • Give it a little shake before usage which will create a barely perceptible, fine covering of dust.
  • Apply into all the crevices and openings wherever the bees enter.
  • Squeeze it a few times so that the powder is deposited.
  • Do it in the night for better results.

But it will take a couple of hours to function but it is undoubtedly a very effective way to get rid of the whole colony.

There are many dust insecticides in the market which are completely waterproof and are approved for the usage in food handling establishment as well.

You have to be extremely careful to avoid getting it in close contact with your skin or to inhale it like any other insecticide. Wiping off any excess that falls off these crevices and landing on the surfaces wherever pets and humans can go to is very important.

Installation of an electric bug zapper

In case you want to get rid of the bees from your house without facing any threat of toxins, then a bug zapper is your best friend in this regard. These electric things, emitting ultraviolet rays, results in the insects being attracted towards it.

Whenever they fly too close or touch the grid, there will be a short “zap” sound and that will inform you that they have got electrocuted. They drop to the base or on the ground once they are dead making it easy for clean-up as well.

Many bugs zappers that are very effective on a large variety of insects not just bees. They emit about 2000 volts of electricity which kills the bees instantly. However, it is surprisingly cost-efficient on electricity even with this kind of high voltage.

They have a waterproof head which allows them to be used during the rainy season as well. It looks like a lamp that has a blue glow and so it attracts insects that are within a radius of one acre.

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