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You never know when a swarm of bees will emerge in your Brisbane home. It is necessary to get rid of beehives since they could cause harm to your home or have detrimental effects on your health. Never try to remove the hive by yourself. Always seek the advice of knowledgeable bee experts, such as us, when dragging and moving beehives safely.

Social Native Bees

Native Australian bees that are sociable have a well-established social hive structure. One female (the queen) is fertile, there are males (drones), and there are hundreds or even thousands of sterile females (workers). These include native honey bees from Australia, who are crucial to the fragile environment despite producing less honey than their European counterparts. There are just 11 natural social bee species in Australia. The Stingless is the most well-known member of those species.

Semi-Social Bees

While maintaining their nests in small groups, they lack a regular social organization. Multiple fertile females can live in the same nest and work together to benefit the whole. They rarely build large nests as social bees do. Additionally, they don't play the same social roles as social bees, such as queens or workers.

Solitary Native Bees

Solitary native bees are complex because all females lay eggs and build nests, making them native Australian bees. This group includes the majority of native species. They don't spend much time caring for the nest or their offspring. While their young temporarily spawn in nests, unlike social bees, they do not stay in a colony structure. Cuckoo bees find them to be easy prey because of this. Blue-banded bees, teddy bear bees, resin bees, and leafcutter bees are a few types of solitary bees.

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Bee infestations were formerly a widespread problem over the globe. The frequency of infestations in Australia has increased since roughly 1999; however, recently, this trend has started to turn around.
Adult bees are ovular-shaped, wingless insects around 5 mm long when fully mature. Initially appearing rusty brown, these insects eventually turn a deeper shade of red after ingesting a blood meal. Additionally, there are young bees, which have a length of 1 to 4 mm and a paler colour.
The five nymphal stages of the development of young bees are known as nymphs, and each nymphal stage necessitates a blood meal to moult into the subsequent stage. When kept at colder temperatures, adult bees can live for far longer than six months at room temperature of about 23°C.

Spot The Signs Of Invasion Of Bees

Bees are crucial to ecology since they are an essential component of our environment, but if they are in the incorrect place at the incorrect time, they could cause problems. Bee stings from domestic hives can be lethal if received in large numbers.

Get medical attention when you experience an allergic response after being stung. Bee stings hurt and inflame the body. Its stinger has the capability of injecting poison. Being swarmed and attacked by numerous bees is the leading risk a home beehive offers.

Here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Excessive bee activity on your property
  • A live bee nest is present.
  • Walls and ceilings with dark stains or spots
  • Bee swarms discovered in flower pots, compost bins, and verandah banisters
    Keep a safe distance if you come upon a beehive on your property. To prevent unpleasant encounters with angry bees, let your family and guests know where the hive is and to keep away from it. Even though our usual advice is to leave bees alone owing to their endangered condition, somebody must remove them if a family member has a bee allergy.

Health Issues Caused By Bees

Painful bee stings are possible. For people who are allergic to them, they could, at worst, prove fatal. This issue can have devastating repercussions. Thus it is advised that you refrain from tackling it on your own.

It is preferable to dismantle a nest as soon as possible before the bees get more numerous and aggressive.

They could become a significant issue for your Brisbane house if they are not correctly handled.

To remove the hive safely, thorough procedures and the appropriate tools are used. To perfect this process, you need a lot of experience. Hiring professionals to handle it for you is crucial.

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  • Our beehive removal services do not exterminate the colony. Instead, we transfer it to a more secure location. Call True Pest Control for an efficient bee removal service on your Brisbane property. You can get the services you need from our licensed experts, who can manage bee swarms.